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My Rules

1.   Complete obedience and manners are mandatory at all times.

2.  you will always use the proper form of address when speaking to Me.

3.  you will be thoroughly washed and groomed at all times.

4.  you will be on time for your sessions, this does not mean early it does not mean late. It means the time you are scheduled.

5.  you will be prepared to show me your photo I.D. to verify your identity upon request.

6.  you will NOT be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or use them in My presence.

7.  you will have your gift ready for Me in a sealed envelope with My name on it and placed in My view.

8.  My time is important.  Last moment cancellations are discouraged and may result in dismissal.

Legal notice:  A Professional Dominatrix is not a Prostitute!  The practices of BDSM is not prostitution and the offer of sexual services are neither implied nor offered. Asking a Dominatrix for sexual services may constitute solicitation in some states and is illegal.  If prostitution is what you desire, please do not contact Me.  If you choose to contact Me, it is understood that you do so as an adult that is over 18 years of age, that you are responsible for your won actions and you are doing so of your own free will.  

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