Domestic Servitude

Over the last four years I  have put a lot of time and effort searching and training domestic slaves to work around My house.  Although I have found a hand full of quality    submissives that serve around the house/yard, overall the experience has had very mixed results with lots of My efforts wasted.  This is very much opposite of the experience I have found with the submissives who see Me professionally.  One of My New Years resolution this is  to tweak the process for domestic .servants.  Moving forward submissives looking to serve me domestically must meet  one of the following criteria.

      1. you must see me at least once professionally

      2. you must purchase something from My wish list and send to My house prior to       meeting.

      3. you must purchase a nice sexy outfit for yourself and mail to Me prior to meeting.

      4.  there is a gift to meet externally to My house.

With the unpleasant mentioned above, it now is time to mention what I am searching for this year.

   First— Handymen, good for any type of projects or maintenance around the house or yard.  Construction, painting, building, plumbing, electrical,  gutters, etc.  Some outside projects will be independent while anything inside must be supervised by meet during My free time.

   Second— Yard man, this position will have weekly responsibility of the   outside yard work such as mowing, weeding, pruning, planting, etc.  The  advantage of this position  will be that the position is completely independent and this can be done at your leisure as long as you are available at least once a week for the duties.

   Third—  Domestic servants, this position is necessary to clean my house, laundry, windows, cars, run errands, etc.  

   Fourth—I am always looking for females or couples to serve Me.  I am willing to be very flexible for this position.  If you have something worthwhile  to trade let Me know!!!  Bondage furniture, Bondage equipment, leatherwork, construction work (yard & house) landscaping, etc.