My Dungeon

Ambiance is very  important to Me when I play. The motif and decor of the room needs to be set  right  down to the smallest detail. Even the lighting and music should fit the scene.   Looking around you will see My medieval lighting along with the speakers built  right onto the wall.   I enjoy all types of play furniture, equipment  and toys. Over the years I have amassed quite an array of  items and will try to present some of it here. Together all of these elements  help set the mood and the stage for wonderful play. Feel free to peek around my  facilities and into my extensive toy bag.  My dungeon is  fully equipped.  My toys and equipment, which include: 

  • Rack
  • Stocks
  • Bondage Table with cage underneath   
  • Bondage chair for total immobilization and full exposure
  • Golden Shower Chair
  • Overnight cage for those lucky few who can spend an evening or weekend as my slave 
  • Medical toys
  • Stocks
  • Electrical equipment for electrical play    (Violet Wand, EROSTEK & Lighting Reaction)
  • Rope
  • Suspension Harness
  • Mummification Equipment
  • Spanking and CBT bench, perfect for a    caning
  • Numerous spreader bars, special grip    cuffs
  • Lot of whips, crops and paddles
  • Restraints (Mitts, Leather cuffs,  Handcuffs, Rope, Saran wrap, Tape, etc)
  • CBT Devices (Humbler, 16 Oz Weighs, Ball crusher, Pressure cuff, Bucket, etc)
  • Too many whips and percussion instruments to mention