Many of My submissives enjoy sensual to medium BDSM play however once in a while a submissive comes along that has a very strong desire for “extreme” play.  Many Dommes are reluctant to participate with this activity for safety or personal reasons.  As this is a side of S&M that really excites Me, I have invested the time and expense for proper training as well as the added benefit of multiple 24/7s to use to perfect My skills.  Rest assured, I can be very intense while you have the knowledge and comfort to know you are completely safe.   It is difficult to express how excited and horny I can get being sadistic.   you will clearly see My smile and hear My laughter during O/our time together.  It is not unusual for Me to have the need to relieve Myself after playing this hard.  These type of activities have brought a smile to My face along with complete satisfaction that has lasted the entire day.  

Foot Play and Dirty Feet

There is just so much fun that can be had with submissives using My feet.  I have full 90 minute sessions with humiliation, torture or even a sensual footjob right at a local park—LOL.  I really enjoy having My feet rubbed and sucked in very public locations.  This has occurred at My Daughter’s soccer games, the Columbus Zoo, Rochester Zoo, local malls, night clubs, hotel pools and varied parks throughout the USA.  Taking a submissive shoe shopping is another high.  Watching the submissive turn a pretty shade of pink as others watch, talk or laugh is so enjoyable.  I am sure they all are amazed with the power that I have over the submissive catering to My needs (Evil grin).  Trampling, ball kicking, heel torture, feeding My submissive food or My golden nector and oh yes, did I mention having a submissive lick My feet after a hard day walking around without shoes are other items I enjoy—LOL


There is not much I can say about corporal punishment other then mentioning how exciting it makes me knowing a submissive is going through a huge amount of pain suffering for his Mistress.  I am a sadist, plain and simple.  Those wondering if someone as petite as Myself could dish out the punishment you love and  know you deserve need to view the following photos.  Sub-space and pain is not for everyone however those that do enjoy this….Watch out (Evil Grin)

Intense Cold Play

In the Winter season there are a few photos of some fun that I have had with My subs. The first sub enjoys dressing in leotards and heels so I thought I would expose him to high today of 7 degrees we had today. Also he needs more training walking in his high heels.  The next photo is sheer fun for Me. My sub hates to go out with his shoes off so I taught him a lesson he will never forget (evil grin).   Let’s See, snow angles, eating yellow snow, and snowball fights—LOL


Ever wonder what it would be like to be a human candle?  I have the capability to help (Evil grin).  A whole crock pot of wax.  Best part is, with the right technique it flakes right off!!!!  


Now that you are waxed, it is time to play with some fire play.  If done properly this is very sensual.  


Something must be said a submissive that enjoys extreme mummification.  You are completely at the complete of the Mistress.  My whims will become your reality.  I go through a very elaborate process of generating the cocoon.  Wrapping you up.  Being right at your side however so far away as you loose all sense of time, senses and reality.  You cannot move, cannot see or hear.  Will it be for an hour, two, four or overnight (Evil grin).  Do I just let you float in your reality of space or sadistically pour hot wax or ice water over your exposed genitals.  Ever fantasized about being snuffed unconscious?  Hearing My evil laugh as I  plant My ass over your face and listening for your gasps.  Be careful what you ask and wish for in Mummification as you will not be able to resist.