My Fetish

Items I enjoy in a Session

Over the last four years I have become more involved with BDSM as an art as well as a way of life with My husband, 24/7's the community and My stable that I routinely see.  Something about owning and controiling a submissive, even if for a short duration of time is very exciting.  My likes, methods, and activities continually change.  I learned a long time ago that the best sessions occur when both the Mistress and the submissive's mind mend together as one.  This will only occur with a very experienced Mistress, over time, with good communication and the ability to read a submissive.  The key is to create a session that excites both the Mistress and sub.  To help accomplish an experience that I will cherish along with My submissive I enjoy many different aspects of BDSM and a diverse array of scene related activities including: 

Corporal punishment whipping/flogging/spanking, etc.), Sensual Discipline (Cock & Ball genital Torture), Nipple torture, Restrictive Bondage, Mummification, Rope Bondage, Fetish Worship (foot,leg,boot, shoe,leather,latex), Food games, Forced feminization, Sissy Play, Maid training, Strap on training, Tease and denial, Verbal Degradation, Mild to extreme humiliation, Role play (medical, adult play, interrogator, school room), Medical fetish, Trampling, Queening, Electrical play (Eros, Violet wand, Lightning reaction), Waxing, Fireplay, Sounds and much more!     


I have enough experience to appreciate that not all activities appeal to all submissives & bottoms.  While the sadist in me absolutely adores being able to torture a masochistic slave unmercifully, I am able to enjoy playing lightly or creating an experience completely around bondage or humiliation.  

For the newbies...I pride Myself on being creative enough to carefully and selectively introduce them into the complete BDSM world.  While I will not cross any hard limits, I will push the submissive in all directions.  It is from that experience that will allow you to fully understand the power of a Mistress to mold you down a particular path W/we both will enjoy.  Above everything else, I believe to keep My sessions in a safe, sane and consensual manner.

Here are some of My favorite items to do while your under My control.  If there is something you would enjoy that is not on this list please forward an email with your fantasy and I will respond.


I have a special appreciation for my wonderful foot slaves.  I love to have my feet massaged and my toes licked whenever possible.  It is a  glorious feeling and knowing that the person doing it truly enjoys it makes it much more fulfilling to me.

   - Foot Massages

   - Toes licked and sucked

   - Leather/Heel Worship

   - Foot Tease

   - Food Play a


 Corporal punishment is definitely a favorite of mine. I can be quite the sadist for the masochistic submissive.  I absolutely go crazy for the sound of leather, plastic, or wood on bare flesh.  Seeing a submissive squirm, hearing their moans, the snap from My whip excites Me immensely.  For Me corporal is so much more than beating a submissive unmercifully.  I like to slow down and enjoy the glow from a submissives skin.  Tease the submissive sensually, blow gently over the skin, scratch my nails or rub my hands over the sore flesh.  Look into the submissives eyes and whisper how excited I have become. 

I have perfected corporal for the masochistic pain slut and developed techniques for the inexperienced as well.  For Me, percussion play is not about punishing a submissive but more in the line of playing a fine tuned instrument.  It could range from a base drum for the extreme to playing orchestra bells for the more tame.


For some of my extreme bondage fans...nothing beats total immobilization.  So out comes the saran wrap and possibly some interesting breathing apparatus.  I have even done some overnight scenes that have included catheterization...(you did not expect me to get up in the middle of the night to let My slut out, did you - LOL?)

My tools for restrictive bondage includes a cross, bondage table, bondage chair, saran wrap, rope, rack with hoist, vinyl canvas, cloth canvas, numerous masks, mittens, buckles, belts,cage and many more.

Sensory Deprivation

It is a shame to make the effort of mummification or restrictive bondage and not complete with sensory deprivation.  This details cutting off the sense of sight(blindfold) and sound(earplugs) with a possible addition of a gag or other breath play.  This will certainly make things a wee bit more interesting, especially for extended sessions.


For the more experienced submissive I can add rope bondage.  Wrapping the rope in multiple layers to create an inescapable method of bondage for the legs, arms and possibly the body.  Each restraint is a unique and artistic design that accentuates the body restricts and binds.

Perhaps, once I have trapped you in my ropes I will choose to attach you to my hoist and lift you from the ground exposing yourself for any devilish torture I choose to do. "Got Feathers" - LOL.

* Note:  Rope Bondage is only for the advanced.  Of all bondage techniques I enjoy, this technique takes a considerable amount of time to remove during cramping or anxiety attacks, etc.


I get particular delight with nipple torture along with CBT. Such an easy way to inflict your will on a submissive and see them squirm (evil grin).  Why would men have balls dangling down if they were not meant to be slapped, kicked, and generally abused?  If they were not meant for suffering?  The male anatomy lends itself to so manty devious forms of torture. 

   - Weights

   - Ropes

   - Clothespins

   - Wax

   - Biting

   - Pinching

   - Clamps

   - Electro Torture

   - Pulling - just to name a few


Electrical play is definitely another favorite of mine.  It can be very intense and bring out the sadist in me for the masochistic submissive.  I can also make it very mild and mimic a vibration to create a very arousing environment.  Occasionally the devil in Me has provoked Me to combine both methods - LOL This is one item that I strongly recommend that My submissives try.  Many have been introduced and will beg Me to continue (Evil Grin). 

I use three unique units for electrical play. The violet wand is an instrument used in SM play that emits safe tiny electrical zaps of varying but controllable intensity to the surface of the skin.  My subs and I particularly enjoy using it in direct play.  For this I use an attachment that allows the sparks to fly from my fingertips, feet and tongue as I stroke, cares delicate areas. It must be felt to truly understand the affect and feeling.

I also enjoy the Erostek.  This device is similar to that used in physical therapy however can be controlled for a much more intense stimulation.  I will use pads or conductive bands for various parts of the body.  The electric impulses can go deep into the muscles for a messaging therapy or go deeper and cause involuntary muscle contractions.  Both these devices are safe for my purposes when used on persons in good health.

*Although if used correctly they are safe for everyone - I will not use on anyone with a heart condition.


I love to play dress up My submissives to be one of the "girls". Some like to have slutty fantasies with me while others want to be a lesbian "lover". There is something very exciting about making a man put on a dress and stickings then bending "her" over, spanking "her" naughty little ass and then well..., many things come to mind.

I always enjoy going on a shopping spree with My submissives and having them pick out new clothes, make up, shoes, and jewelry to go along with the wigs and the shoes I have in my CD closet.  Many times the gift for the session is the items I force you to model during O/our trip - LOL.

Are you up for the challenge to be My sissy "girlfriend" LOL


Well, first of all, let me tell you how I  first really got interested in anal play.  One day while humiliating my  slut husband after a very nice Valentine's date with a boyfriend I decided to  use a slightly larger size dildo from My "Anal Beginner Kit".  I leaned  "her" over the bed and slowly worked on "her" ass.  My slut was unusually  vocal with the larger dildo which made me go faster and deeper.  After some  time "she" feel onto "her" knees and was shuttering.  Although I knew it  existing, I witnessed and experienced My first prostate orgasm and was amazed.   Besides the results of the pressure on the prostate there are tons of delicate  little nerve endings in our sphincter muscles that can be deliciously sensitive  to the right sort of touch.   This holds true for women as well as  men. 

Although anal or dildo play is an excellent  form of humiliation, it does not make you "gay" or less of a man.  Many of  my submissives enjoy this type of play and I strived to learn as much as I can  about it.  Generally, I begin by gently exploring and massaging the anus  with a well lubricated gloved finger. When and if my submissive is receptive and  ready I move onto a small condom covered dildo.  Gradually I work up to  larger ones, even strap-on ones, if the muscles are relaxed enough to allow it.   This does not occur overnight and will require experience to relax your muscles.   Each experience I go as far as the submissive enjoys.

I find it very exciting that so many people  have allowed me into this secret realm with them and I enjoy helping them  realize their fantasies and desires to explore it to what ever degree they are  comfortable with.  I especially love introducing "virgins" to the pleasures of  anal play, and love the fact that I have collected so many "cherries" along my  travels. If you have any other questions or concerns about this type of play  feel free to contact me for more.


I adore playing with wax. Wax has both a  sensual and a sadistic side - LOL

It could be the sensual process of covering  your entire body in lotion, then pouring warm, sweetly scented wax directly from  my hand over your body, letting it flow warmly over your skin, coating you with  a thick layer of wax from your head completely down to you toes.  Anointing  you in pleasure from the warm sensation of the wax mixed with the gentle touch  of my hands, the scratching of My nails.  It is truly a delicious feeling  and I enjoy introducing people to it for the first time. 

The other side will use several  different types of candles to achieve my desired effects.  Holding the  candles ever so close to your body, pouring the hot wax onto your skin.   Watching your face, your eyes for the suffering.  Knowing that I could  raise the candle, ever so higher, to minimize the suffering on tender spots or  lower the candle next to the skin for a very intense experience.   To  add a little excitement to your suffering many times I sit square on your face,  allowing you the touch of My soft ass and My scent.  This is sure to get a  naughty reaction - LOL

verbal-Physical  degradation & humiliation

How unmercifully wonderful (Evil Grin).   Have you ever desired the experience of a very stern and emotionally ruthless  Mistress?  Someone that will not hold back any punches.  Will make fun  of your manly-hood.  your feelings of being human.  you will be  worthless!  A pathetic dog, sissy, faggot or cuckold.  Yes, I can be  very cruel and stern with My mouth and actions.  Smack you across the face  because "I can".  Spit over you because "I can".  Possibly squat and  release a warm yellow stream of My juice all over your body because "I can".   Maybe even force you with other submissives (Evil Grin)

*Note:  All of My submissives will  complete a full questionnaire before W/we meet which includes many of the  actions above.  This questionnaire is used to make sure that I do not cross  any hard limits during this type of play.  Even though I tease and degrade  you - I still want you to enjoy the experience - LOL


Hasn't your mother ever told you that you should not play with fire?  Not Mine - LOL

Fire-play, like many of the items in the BDSM  world, can be very sensual as well as have some sting or possibly should I say  heat - (Evil Grin)  I enjoy fire-play in a very safe and sane manor.   Strapping the submissive to My bench, chair or cross.  Applying the alcohol  to the cotton and lighting up.  Every so slowly dragging the fiery swab  over your skin.  Brushing ever so  sensually across your body parts warmed from the flame.   Don't worry,  it does not hurt!  you will begin to feel your skin warm up as the alcohol  vapors burn above your skin.  Should I put out the fire now as it just  starts to get warn or push you further?  The longer I wait, the hotter the  sensation becomes.  

The thought of fire-play scares many submissives.  There is absolutely nothing to be  afraid of with an experience, trained Mistress.  It is possible to light  the complete body on fire for a short period of time and never even leave a  mark.  Better have a pool to jump in - LOL....  This might be  something you may want to try.  you never know, you may  enjoy the sensation.


Another item I absolutely adore playing with.   Something about teasing and handling the male member, seeing the fear in the  submissives eyes as I pick up the 10" instrument.  Starting ever so small  and working the size up to something a little larger.  Not forcing the  instrument,  slowly guiding it down into the delicate shaft.  Watching the look from  the submissive change from fear to pleasure.  Many submissives have begged  for sexual release during the process as I grin evilly telling them "not today".   Once experienced in many cases it becomes a favorite.  (Urethral sounds are  metal rods of varying thickness that are inserted into the urethra)


I enjoy using my imagination to create a  variety of role play scenarios & love to plan special scenes for people on a  wide array of topics such as: Boss/secretary, Mommy/child, Teacher/student,  Nurse/patient, kidnappings, interrogations, medieval torture & mock executions,  etc. 

Boss/secretary: I  have read so much about this on-line and adore the movie "Bloody Canes & Vicious  Whip" which  covers this exact topic.  This is My most popular activity for role play.   Perhaps your secretary seen you masturbate looking at Her feet or another little  secret that you would really prefer your co-workers not hear about.   Perhaps She finally just got tired of taking orders from you and has decided you  need a dose of your own medicine. 

How exciting it would be to be controlled by  your co-worker.  Dressed in a very professional business suit.  Used  for Her amusement.  you want Her to stop however She will not.  you  know that there is not much you can do as She blackmails you from the lack of  poor judgment you made at work.  Why...Why....Why did I masturbate looking  at Her legs.    I really could not help myself.  They are  exquisite. 

Mommy/child:  Remember when your biggest responsibility was making your Mommy proud? Becoming  potty trained, no longer wetting your bed, sucking your fingers, etc.  Age  play can be a lot of fun.  This session is usually more tame however could  involve corner time as well as a mild knee spanking. 

Teacher & student: Are you ready for My BDSM test? Did you do all your homework like a good  boy? you'd better hope so cause in My class room a note from your Mommy will NOT  get you out of detention! 

Nurse/patient:   Medical play runs much deeper than simply tossing on  a sexy nurses uniform and checking someone's temperature. There are numerous  "procedures" that I may need to perform on you as I do my very  thorough examination. After I check the basics: ears, eyes, throat etc., and of  course a complete prostrate exam, you may need to have your reflexes checked  with a variety of electrical devices that will make your pulse race.  

Depending on what ails you and My wicked moods you may  also need to be sounded, catheterized or a myriad of other evil medical  tortures!   

Kidnappings or  Interrogations:

Ever watch "24".  Let your imagination  run wild as I can be very nice or sadistic to get the information that I need!

I very much enjoy many types of scenarios  because they let my creative juices run wild. Got an idea for a scene you have  always wanted to try... write to me with your suggestion and maybe we can set it up.

Legal Disclaimer

Please remember, Professional Dominants are  not prostitutes! The Practice of B/D, S/M and sensual sadism isn't prostitution  and the offer of sexual services are neither implied or offered here. Asking a  Dominatrix or other professional Dominant for sexual services may constitute  solicitation in some states and is illegal. If prostitution is what you desire,  please do not contact me. If you choose to contact me, it is understood that you  do so as an adult that is over 21 years of age, that you are responsible for  your own actions and you are doing so of your own free will.