Mistress Sherry's Wish List

I have been asked many times for ideas of toys or personal items that I would like to receive from My submissives.  I have decided to list a variety of items that I would enjoy.  From time to time I will update this page so check back for new items.  I would like to thank many of you for thinking of Me and being so thoughtful.  It is very touching and provides Me a constant reminder of your submission each time I use each gift. 

JTs Stockroom

One of the sites that I enjoy is JT'S Stockroom.  They were kind enough to allow Me to create a wish list that you choose from.  I had fun making this list and boy did they make it easy.....



Another favorite site of mine is www.MedicalToys.com.  Although they do not offer a wish list, they have so many fun medical items to use that I feel that if this feature ever became available the list would be a long one. LOL

Surgi-Lube Lubricant
Surgi-Lube Lubricant
Item #460-2000 
Price: 6.95


The Rattler
Metal Butt Plugs

Make some noise with these anal toys!  These all-metal, hollow-shell butt plugs consist of nine parts that include a metal 'clanger' inside! Every movement causes the Rattler's inner clanger to knock, roll and rattle against the inside wall of the plug, sending vibrations through the wearer's inner sanctum of their rectum! Wiggling the base will cause quite a reaction. Or insert the plug and go out for the night, everyone will wonder where that strange sound is coming from! We also sell these in solid metal for an extremely "heavy" experience! 

Small Rattler
Item #320-5060 
Price: $128.95





Extreme Restraints is another fun site.  I enjoy all types of resatraints from this site.  This site I cannot pick items as I would like the full catalog. In My dungeon.ŚLOL  Click on the banner to go to the site.

Other Items or possible gift certificates:

1.  WWW.VictoriasSecret.com- you know the store, great stuff.

2.  WWW.Northbound.com -  great leather store in Toronto!

3.  Any Hardware store- this is a Domme's dream and a cheap one at that.


My Needs for Domestic Servants

For those  seeking to serve Me with domestic needs, I expect you to show up for O/our first meeting with a gift for Me.  I expect You to review above and chose some items you would like to play with.  If the gift is very nice I may take you down to the dungeon to try it before you leaveŚLOL.  For those that must be discreet you can have the items delivered to My house.