I have made it a practice to ask for feedback after sessions with My submissives.  Although the primary purpose is to connect and understand the submissive, occasionally feedback comes back that completely expresses the connection between Mistress and slave that I must share on My site.  Those interested in providing testimonials for My site are encouraged to write a detailed letter of how You felt from O/our experience and your visit with Me.  For those worthy, I will post your testimonial on this page for all the world to see how captivated you are by Me.

——— Another happy sub ———


At the risk of repeating all the other testimonials, Mistress Sherry is the real deal. She is beautiful, skilled, erotic, professional, and above all the rest. Contacting and scheduling with Her was easy, and Her facility is top notch (Although to look at it one would never suspect!).  Her dungeon and equipment are spotless erasing any concerns of hygiene.   I warn you, She will leave you wanting MORE!!!

Take a good look at Her website. She is exactly what it portrays, an all around aces Dominatrix with Her own style.  You will see why all the reviews are so positive.  I wonder if She is psychic as we were on the same page throughout the session.  You will not be disappointed! I cannot wait for my next appointment!
a slave from CNY

——— Another happy sub ———


If you have always dreamed about the housewife next door dominating you, then Mistress Sherry is the dominatrix for you.


Mistress Sherry is unique in that her talents are ideal for the novice or experienced submissive.  She provides quality time & setting for exploring ALL avenues of BDSM.


Like a flick of a switch, Mistress Sherry had me screaming in pain one minute but only to be nurtured by her seductive voice & manners during the next minute.  At the end of my session with Mistress Sherry, I was COMPLETELY exhausted … both mentally & physically.  She took complete control and used me in any & all ways that catered to her whims.


I would like to single out one area of specialty for Mistress Sherry but I can’t because she is equally versed in ALL BDSM disciplines.  I am a submissive with 15 plus years of experience with professional dommes from both the East & West Coast and I unequivocally say that Mistress Sherry is one of the BEST!!!


Brooklyn Slave


——— Another happy sub ———


Dearest Mistress,


It has been only a few short months since i first came to see You.  Since that time i have been captivated by You.  Your personality, beauty and grace are truly exquisite and compelling and make visits to You such a truly rewarding experience.  Not the least to mention is the play time, it is an exhilerating experience to submit to You and Your whims.  Your dungeon is filled with so many implements of "pleasure" and You know how use them to tease, push and bring me further into Your web.  i feel so totally comfortable in Your presence and i am so willing give in to You and let You do whatever You please.  The world should know that You are an exquisite Dominatrix and beautiful Woman and it is an honor to be Your slave.


Your slutmike from Buffalo



——— Another happy sub ———


Mistress Sherry,

 I know it's been a while since I've seen you. I hope to see you in
 July. I just want people to know that you are very beautiful. You are
 also firm but fair. You know how to discipline a male the way they
 should be disciplined. Any man in your presence should be honored to be on
 their knees to worship you. I only wish I had someone like you to
 worship 24/7.


Your slut dan


——— Another happy sub ———

I have been sessioning with Mistress Sherry since July of 2004. I met her through Alt.com and at that time, she was only seeing local submissives in the Rochester area. I live in Rhode Island and I was very persistent on seeing her, so she made an exception. I have been seeing her ever since.  
Even though it is a 365 mile drive to her play space, she is very well worth the time and distance. I have sessioned with her 7 times since that first time and I always walk away truly amazed and in awe of her.  
First off, Mistress Sherry is drop dead gorgeous. I would give her appearance a perfect 10. I am a leg and ass man, and her legs are so incredible, and her ass is just magnificent (to die for). Mistress is well versed in all aspects of female supremacy and her play space is extremely neat, clean and well equipped. As a matter of fact, she has the best play space with the best toys out of all the dungeons I have ever been in, and I have been in many. I have been sessioning for over 32+ years and I have seen many of the very famous and well known mistress's on both coasts, and I can say with no reservations that she is the BEST of the BEST. Why else would I drive 365 miles (one way) to see her?  
A session with Mistress Sherry is unlike any session you may have had in the past. First, you will sit down with her and make some small talk, discuss your likes and dislikes, any possible medical conditions you may have, and after the session is over, you won't be rushed out the door which is common with many other places. She gives quite a bit of after care after the session is over and truly makes you feel welcomed and at home.  
Mistress Sherry is also a lifestyle Mistress and her husband is her TRUE 24/7. I will be seeing her again on my vacation in August and I can't hardly wait. I just saw her on April 1st of this year. One more thing, she has an incredible imagination: have you ever heard of female domination bingo? I played it the last time with Mistress Sherry and by the time I got bingo, my ass was covered with welts, my nipples had been deliciously tortured and my mouth had the taste of her sweet tasting feet.  
What could be better than that?  
pig bob
"If your head explodes with dark forbodeness too,  
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon."


——— Another happy sub ———


On June 30th a gentleman from Rhode Island (subimale52) wrote a review of Mistress Sherry of Rochester. The review caught my attention because that’s too close to home. I had to know who she was. So I found her website and read all of the information available and after a few e-mail exchanges, arranged a visit. 
Normally, I only get to go out and play when I’m away from home as it not only allows the freedom to play but it also allows plenty of time to recover from the marks that are obviously generated. So this visit was going to be different. The drive down the country road between us was easy – but a fifteen minute drive home allows no time for marks to recover. Therefore my stipulation to her was simple – I’m a spanking and discipline fetish, yet I can’t leave here with any marks. 
Upon arriving we sat and talked – a kind of let’s first see what we both look like before jumping into play. That was very nice. Afterwards we proceeded to her playroom were I was sternly scolded for some alleged inappropriate conduct. And she told to me that of course, I can’t just forget this and let you go – No I can’t do that! Instead I’m going to have to bare your bottom and spank you. Amazingly (well to me at least) she was able to give a fairly long OTK session without creating any real marks. Then she even followed that up with a game of rolling the dice. The number rolled earned the same number of strokes from different paddles and straps. And it was fun to play too – I like games. 
But alas in a rather sorrowful tone she said “I think your bottom has had enough.” So we pursued other adventures. During our initial time of discovery, in the weeks before we met, she gave me a comprehensive survey so she could get to know me. Of course, at first I only checked off the stuff that is obviously me – everything related to domestic discipline and spanking with appropriate bondage. After all my interests are narrow and my limits wide. I really just like being spanked hard so my punishment scenarios are just a way to put them into some kind of context to make it fun as well as real. Nevertheless, a few days later I decided to spread my wings so to speak and allow her to be a little more adventurous with me, so I completed the survey again and expanded my range of play. 
So after my bottom was retired from play, she secured my outstretched arms and legs to the floor. Then she explained to me the Chinese concept of yin and yang. Now I heard of yin and yang, but I didn’t really know what she had in mind – but she did! 
For the remainder of the session she experimented with me – I love experiments. First there was pleasure then there was pain. Anyway, I had a great time and hope she did too. Sherry takes her time, she is open and very easy to talk with, and she listens. Her place is lovely and fully equipped with toys I don’t even want to learn about. And best of all she makes you feel like playing is a labor of love. 
As my unknown friend from Rhode Island said, She’s the real deal. Oh, and by the way, did I mention – she’s drop dead gorgeous.

J.J. Rousseau


——— Another happy sub ———


There have been several posts about Mistress Sherry the past few months and they have all been terrific. I have been waiting to session with her for some time and we finally got together today. She is even better than the many great posts that have been made about her. I have over twenty years experience in the scene and she is absolutely one of the best. She is very sweet, intelligent, talented and extremely beautiful. My role play scene is very detailed and complex. Mistress Sherry invested more time than I would have ever expected being prepared to deliver my fantasy. She is remarkable and I can't wait to see her again. I was very impressed with how focused she was on ensuring that my fantasy was achieved and how she was very unhurried. She exhibited a very strong sensuality about her but throughout the entire session in a powerful way that very appropriately fit my scene.It was evident from the moment that we sat down to have a quiet relaxed talk before the session that she had prepared extensively for our time together and it showed throughout our entire time together. Her intensity, sensuality, beauty and intelligence are hard to beat. She is a rare find.




——— Another happy sub ———


i have been owned by Mistress Sherry for almost a year now. In the beginning She allowed me to session, kneel before Her and submit in just about any way a slave could. As She studied me and learned about me She made Her intentions clear as to what my training would involve. In addition to many types of submission inclusive of shopping trips, sessions, errands, sending gifts and dungeon sessions Mistress chose me to be a chastity slave. She told me early on and continues to remind me that a cock my size must be firmly locked and kept away from Females, meaning i am not deserving nor capable of pleasuring a Female. i can still vividly remember the first time the lock "clicked" shut on my CB6000.

i have been in chastity several times since Mistress decided this to be my submission to Her and each time is longer. My most recent stay in my CB6000 was for two weeks and started this way....i am fortunate to have met Mistress Sherry and desire to be in Her service for many, many more years


Chastity slave

——— Another happy sub ———


i am writing this in anticipation of my next session with the beautiful Mistress Sherry this Wednesday. This will be my 5th session with Mistress Sherry in the last couple years and wow she never fails to disappoint. I have been involved in the scene for about 20 years and have seen several mistresses on a regular basis and have been to NYC and Toronto and I can honestly say that Mistress Sherry stands out as the best. From the moment you walk into her home where she plays you are right at ease as she talks to you about the session and life in general. There is no rush what so ever. She is beautiful, erotic, playful, witty, and most of all very professional at what she does. The moment you step into the door of her dungeon in the basement she is in full control. The dungeon is very discreet, clean, neat and well equipped. You can tell that Sherry takes a lot of pride in creating an experience that both of us will enjoy. She even had a file she created for me before our 1st session and refers to it.  I am not really into anything real intense and although I believe Sherry can play hard she is very respectful of my limits. I am into the cross dressing aspect of the scene and Mistress Sherry always takes her time making me into her own personal slut for the day. She affectionately has named me rachel.  When she is finished she is very creative in humiliating me as makes me practice strutting around the dungeon while she mocks and taunts me. One of my favorites was when she requested a lap dance. That was really fun. Of course she always strives for perfection and with that usually disciplines me with bondage and spankings. Each session she sprinkles in something a little different with her creative imagination as she strives to create variety in each session. Well time to wrap things up here but for those who want to see a true professional this Mistress is the real deal and you won’t be disappointed.