Mistress Sherry's

Personal Items


I have added some of My personal items for sale as I get requests from submissives to purchase these items as a memento of O/our time together. 

                                               1.  Used Panties                            $30.00                                 

                                       2.  Used Bra                                 $30.00                                 

                                               3.  Used Thigh High Stockings       $30.00  

                                               4.  Used Lipstick                           $30.00

                                               5.  Sweaty Shoes                           $40.00

                                               6.  Used Stockings                         $30.00


 I have provided a wish list with many items on it for gift certificates.  Order today!  All other items are available upon special request.  I accept money orders,and bank checks.  Please email Me at MistressSherry88@aol.com to let Me know which option you are choosing and then I will provide an address.