My dungeon

Ambiance is very important to Me when I play. The motif and decor of the room needs to be set right down to the smallest detail. Even the lighting and music should fit the scene.  Looking around you will see My medieval lighting along with the speakers built right onto the wall.   I enjoy all types of play furniture, equipment and toys. Over the years I have amassed quite an array of items and will try to present some of it here. Together all of these elements help set the mood and the stage for wonderful play. Feel free to peek around my facilities and into my extensive toy bag.  My dungeon is fully equipped.  My toys and equipment, which include:











    Cross With Unlimited Eye Hooks             Bondage Chair (You will not Escape)         Bondage Table with cage - so many possibilities (Evil Grin)

          Get In Slut (You will not Escape)                                       So Many Devious Things - Electrical Pads in Cell, Top Holes to Pour Wax, Ice

                                                                                                                                         Cold Water


 Stay Here While I have My Boyfriend :)           More Bondage - - You Will Beg for Release to be  Unmercifully Beaten

Oh So Good for Whippings, Anal & CBT                         My Toy Shelf                                     Bondage/Trample Bar, Hoist & Toy Rack             








   Vibration Glove, Picks, Suction Cups, Electrical                  Pin Gloves, Sounds, Cinnamon Oil                          EROSTEK & Violet Wand

                 Oh So Many tools to Use (Evil Grin)                                                                         Pick What you Want slut  (Evil Grin)










            Oh, More Toys........How Many Hours in the Day slut.....         Wow - Look at that CBT Board, Gags, Nipple Clamps, Locks?

How Deliciously Evil - Take your Whipping for this Long!!!!!!

     Setting the Mood - Medieval Lighting                 Setting the Mood - Candles                                           Setting the Mood - Look into the Eyes










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