November 2017

I did not even realize it has been that long since I have written. I sincerely apologize to you all as I have neglected my Journal duties for quite some time.  I wrote last about Spring and now I am writing about Fall.  Summer is too short and I love the warm weather.  Looking forward to seeing some of my subs for a much needed session. 


April 2017

Spring is finally here and we can say goodbye to old man winter.  Unfortunately winter is our longest season and it is nice to have it behind me.  Now I enjoy playing outside and in less clothing.  So what did you think about my excerpt from last month? I have heard from a few enjoying reading their experiences.  Feel free to email me more about them. I love reading them.  Hope to see you all soon.

March 2017

Here is an excerpt from a journal from one of My subs. 

March 10, 2017   

 I am working from home this morning. Wife will only let me be caged while at home. She doesn't want me out of the house while wearing it. So at this moment, I'm 13 hours in the CB. Because I've owned it and worn it periodically for years, it takes at least 10-12 hours in it to have an effect on me mentally.

So here I sit, working on the laptop but also with at least two Femdom/chastity tumblr windows open as well. Now I feel it! That powerful urge to submit and yet I can't! There is work to do. I can't get it here at home and I'm over a week from seeing Mistress!

 Damn! I just want to crawl to Her. I have to get out of here and go to the office!

(Later, same day).....ok, I am really working now. NO other pages open on the laptop. So, why is being in chastity for like the 15th straight hour making me REALLY want to be hogtied and gagged? Why should there be a connection? Here I am, trying to get important shit done and I'm visualizing something very different than getting my work done. Being a submissive (all my life) is NOT easy.

March 11, 2017     So, today is 9 days away from the 20th! I am in the single digits as far as counting the days until I see Mistress again! Last night I fantasized about sensory deprivation and duct tape. Last time I visited Mistress was the first time She ever used duct tape on me over the plastic wrap She mummifies me with. Wow! It was unbelievable how much more I was immobilized! If I can ask for anything in a session,  it would be duct tape.

This is just a little glimpse of his state of mind. I find it very enjoyable.


I received many emails about discussion topics and I choose the most popular one.  It is stories.  Some wanted to hear stories told by me, by others but this time I will tell a sample of my story.

I am not your everyday Dominatrix. I don't look the part, act the part(until I am in My dungeon).  I wear T-shirts, jeans and sneakers when I want to feel comfortable.  So if you saw me walking down the street you would pass me by without question.  Is there a certain look for a Dominatrix?  In session, yes there is. Whether it be leather pants, leather jackets, latex one piece outfits or a rubber outfit.  There are so many looks.  Each session is different and each look is different.  Some like high heels with stockings and some like no stockings at all.  I even have a sub that likes socks.  For me each session is handwritten or atleast I have a scenerio to play by.  I do not have perfectly manicured nails nor do I have any tattoos.  I prefer being simple and direct and ofcourse fun.  I find that when I session I get an adrenaline rush and it is equivalent to a workout. I sweat, and my heart pumps out of chest sometimes and it is thoroughly exciting.  It is even sexually exciting.  That I was completely unaware of and it took me by surprise.  Who would of thought that could happen.  I always keep myself in shape as my vanity is important not just to me but to others. 


Next month I will put a submissives story for your pleasure.  I will guarantee it will be a good read.  Enjoy the rest of the month and I am very glad that winter is quickly departing.


February 2017

I was wondering what types of things my subs would like Me to discuss?  Every month I pick a topic and speak about it but I really do not know what you think or if you want me to comment on a topic.  So for this month think of something that you want to hear more about and email Me and I will write my thoughts and experiences on that topic. I wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day!


January 2017

Wow, it is 2017 already.  I apologize to those that are readers of my journal. I took a little bit of a hiatus from writing and am back.  As I sit here with a submissive beneath My feet I ponder why others do not fully enjoy the simple pleasures of having a sub as a foot stool.  By placing my feet on a warm sub's face is not only comfortable but gives a sense of warmth for my feet in the winter.  Who would of known??? I do not surmise who enjoys it more my sub or Myself?  Who needs cozy slippers with sheepskin when they can be warmed up by a subs face or body.  I call these simple pleasures in life.  Don't get me wrong, I love slippers with sheepskin but I also enjoy a little more of the human interaction better. 


August 2016

The summer is almost at its end. One more month to go.  It always goes fast when you are having fun.  Hope everyone is having a great summer.  The weather has been terrific.  Hope to see you all soon.


July 2016

This month blew by and I am sorry I had no time to write to you....


June 2016

I was thinking about first times for sessions that a submissive has experienced.  Was it life changing or did you end up chickening out of the session as you were too nervous?  I am curious about your experience.  As I have had the experience of being on the other side.  I have met all kinds of subs and it is informative to learn from others what they felt first seeing Me or any Pro Domme. Did they have preconceived notions?  Let Me know.


April 2016

Sorry that I did not put an entry in for March. Last month was a blur and went quickly.  This month, however, I would like to discuss a topic near and dear to many of My sub's hearts what a true submissive is.  To Me, the definition is when a person puts no limits on themselves and gives themselves up wholeheartedly.  The person will do anything to please his or her Mistress.  There are very few subs like this that I have encountered.  Most feel that they need an escape from their daily lives and submit.  This true submissive feels their excitement and enthusiasm from how their Mistress enjoys what she is doing.  She does this by showing enthusiasm while doing a scene or for example laughs to let the sub know she is enjoying herself.  There are many ways to show a sub that the Mistress is really enjoying the scene.  It makes a difference in play and helps create a stronger bond.  Let me know what you think?  Are you a true submissive or just like to escape?

February 2, 2016

As you can see from my photo this month on my calendar I am ready for February.  So is my slut, danielle.  She loves the color silver and really wears it well, I believe.  It is exciting for me as a Domme to enjoy ones fantasies.  To see the look on their face and have them really open up and express themselves  is so rewarding.  That is definitely why I love to do what I am doing.  To have a submissive comfortable with you and their play is called a fun and exciting session.  Achieving this level of comfort is not perfected on the first session.  It takes time and with trust ,the sub and domme form a bond and get more comfortable in their play. 

Hope to see you soon.....


January 4, 2016

I have been playing around with my journal and I think it is easier instead of archiving the years to just keep the entries in one journal.  Let me know what you think as you are viewing my website.  Any other ideas?  I know updating photos is a good idea but just wondering what you would like to see or hear about?  I am leaving it up to my subs to get ideas.  Well any New Years resolutions this year.  For me I tend not to make more than a few as I want to do more with my website and keep myself healthy.  Happy New Year to everyone hope to see you soon.



December 1, 2015

My apologies for not writing in November.  I had some great subs last month and they were all subs I have known for quite some time.  I was able to get them ready for the holiday season by giving the gift of serving me this month. It is always a rush.  Now on to the crazy holiday that is very stressful at time.  Well if you are looking to get rid of some stress it is a great time to see Me.  Have a wonderful Holiday Season!!


October 1, 2015

First of all how the heck did it get to October already.  I was just enjoying the summer. My type of weather is 80 degrees everyday. I hope everyone is well and enjoyed their summer. 

I put an interesting picture on My calendar this month. It is from the perspective of a submissive at my feet looking up at Me. I think after 15 years I have the ability to understand men. Don't get me wrong, men are less complicated than women. Whether it is being in a vulnerable state they seem to open up to Me and tell me their true feelings and desires.  We still live in a world of secrets and BDSM is thought of as strange and unnatural. If only the other partner would really comprehend what the submissive needs, be open minded,  help the submissive reach their desires then the submissive would be extremely satisfied.  Too many people are close minded and ignorant today.  By understanding what the sub needs you are well on your way to being a good Domme. I think, having the ability to read people is critical. It gives me insight as to what the situation is and how I am going to react.   I was reading an article on male submission and found some interesting points. I would assume that most men enjoy being submissive in a relationship at least one time in their lifetime but the true submissive(slave) lives and acts for their Domme/Master.

Secrets to a Submissive Manís Desire

There are basic and certain submissive men crave in a relationship. These cravings my seem out of the ordinary or ridiculous to some, but you can decide what it is that you crave. deciding what is is that catches your attention and desire might be different but we all know what being submissive means. One thing that most submissive crave is to give themselves 100% to their partner and get recognition for it. They want their partner to know that they will submit themselves to them at any point. They will do what they are told and look forward to it. Their goal is to satisfy their partner, they want to do things for their partner which may include house chores, errands, work related thingsÖ Couples do this on a daily basis, it doesnít take away from your status. This offering of their submission is one quick way for them to make a huge difference in their partners life.

Sexual submissive.  This is what makes submissive men crave the chase of a dominant woman that is involved with in the femdom community. The desire of feeling safe and loved is what we all desire and there are different ways of displaying how one cares for the other.  Some feel that from being in control while other find that from being controlled. Sexual submissiveness is a turn on and can be said by both the Mistress and the submissive.

Male chastity is a prime example of sexual submission.The one thing a submissive can do to belong to their dominate partner 24/7 without anyone knowing except the couple whom is involved. Feeling connected and not in control is what they enjoy, the Mistress controls it as for she unlocks him or not. She decided when he can ejaculate and when he canít. A true submissive will even respect her wishes when he is not locked up and save himself for her and his relationship.

Structure is also craved by the submissive. Not only dos he wants direction but it required that he not give his input. The orders that is given to him is a part of having structure. You have to know your place a sub. Submissive men would rather be spanked and feel all is right in the relationship than to be left wondering where he stands. This goes for any so called punishment. It is somewhat childish in thought but extremely simple in the submissive mind. He simply wants to make things right in the relationship and move forward at her feet.

Most submissives are humble to some degree and desire to be more humble. They wish to have their partner desire their submission and humility. Not as degradation but as a commitment to their relationship. If mama ainít happy nobody is happy, everyone throws that saying around. For a true submissive it caries deep meaning and his failures in the relationship will be taken hard by him.

Submissives crave attention. It may seem by their desire to be a follower in the female led relationship that they do not crave attention but it is just the opposite. That is their goal. Attention! they will settle for negative attention if that is all they can get. They desire to trade their average lives for a hyper charged one of tease and denial.



September 1, 2015

The summer flew by and now we are getting back to work as well as more fun.  On my Calendar this month I posted a interesting picture of a High heel show and a submissive bowing under the heel.  That is exactly where a sub should be, right underfoot. 

August 1, 2015

Enjoy the summer!



July 1, 2015

Boy did the month of June go so fast. It was a month filled with new subs. Always happy to have them as it is always a new dynamic for Me.  I get to play with their head as they are so new and do not really know me so that can be a blast.  Still working on getting one of my subs on weight management.  I sometimes have to light up his ass to get him motivated to obtain his weight goals. I am sure in the end he will be right at goal.  Everyone have a great and safe Fourth of July.


June 5, 2015

Last month has proved to be a good month. I saw a female slave that I have not played with in years. She was in the neighborhood so to speak and she enjoys being a true submissive. Also I had seen a few subs that live about an hour away. In winter that can prove to be a long drive with the ever changing Western, NY weather. I had gotten my fair share of electric play( which I love).....I hope everyone has a great summer looking forward to it..


May 5, 2015

At last we have nice weather. Yeah........I was able to get together with Mistress Christina and her sub this past month and we had a great time with our subs.  Their rear ends were nice and red when we finished.  Also this past month I had seen a sub I have not seen in a year and played with him.  It is always fun to play with ones you know so much about.  On the flip side of that it is fun with the newbies as well as they are amazed at many of my toys.  Hope to see you soon, you have no excuse for the weather now, LOL..



April 3, 2015

I am very glad that winter is over and Spring is now here.  I was able to get away out of this awful cold into nice summer weather for a bit and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I got a wonderful surprise when I returned and it was a pair of nipple clamps and a cock ring set. I will have a lot of fun using this!  I hope everyone had a nice holiday and hope to see everyone real soon.....


March 4, 2015

Last month I had my friend Mistress Christina and her sub play with us. It fun and tantalizing as we tied them together and handcuffed them as well as we both tortured them silly.  I also purchased a doll for one of my subs. They do make them so real looking and feeling. I am sure he will get quite a lot of practice with it in the upcoming months.  Glad that spring is on its way!!


February 2, 2014

Well, I believe it is Groundhog Day. Six more weeks of winter left.  Thank goodness I am getting a little tired of snow and cold weather.  Had a fun session with an old sub last month that was so enjoyable. We see each other once in a while and it was nice to see how much he enjoys his fetish of open shoes and being restrained. In fact I mummified him and he had the best time he has ever had. He was not sure he would even like it but the scene unfolded and being restrained was just what he needed.  Looking forward to seeing some new subs this month.


January 6, 2015

I am sorry I got too busy to write a Journal entry for December 2014. It was a busy month playing with my 2 favorite Dommes and their subs.  We had a great time humiliating our subs and discussing our holiday plans while doing so.  It was a workout for all.  I hope everyone had a great holiday.  I am not too fond of winter as I really enjoy the warm weather but since I live in Western, NY I have to tough it out. LOL  Looking forward to seeing you this winter and hope the weather doesn't dampen your travels.  Happy New Year to all!!


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