December 1, 2011

November is a month that I feel seems to creeps up on you.  It goes quickly with the Thanksgiving holiday at the end of the month and then we go right into the last month of the year, December.  I had the pleasure of two new subs this month and had a lot of fun in My dungeon with them.  One of the subs was a newbie, which basically means he has never played with anyone before but a girlfriend and he had a wonderful time.  I introduced him to many scenes and sensations and he got a real charge out of it…LOL

 I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. I certainly did.  One unfortunate thing occurred and that was My sissy housekeeper decided that he was not able to clean on a weekly basis anymore.  I will have an opening for a weekly slut to clean if anyone is interested.  Yes you need to wear a maid outfit so let Me know if you are interested. 

 Hope to see you soon and Happy Holidays!


November 2, 2011

Well the month of October proved to be a fun month.  Not only is Halloween one of My favorite holidays but I love fall and when the leaves change it is so beautiful.  Had a chance to go to the RKS for their Annual Auction.  Met a fellow Mistress friend of mine there and her friends and had a ball bidding on some items and seeing all the fun toys.  In fact I brought My slut and had him try out some of the floggers and whips to see if they were good ones as I am always looking for new toys... I am sure he enjoyed himself….LOL  I did win a few items and am excited to try out a new flogger and a outfit for a submissive.

 I am getting a lot of requests for workers around the house…Awesome. It is a perfect time of the year for getting outside work done.  Plus I always have inside work as well.  That never seems to end. 

 Hope to see you soon.


October 4, 2011

Well, I wanted you to know that I had a wonderful birthday.  It was fun and I enjoyed the gifts. One of My subs gave Me a potty chair and I always enjoy new toys. It can be used for many different purposes and I plan on using my creativity to think up fun ways of using it.  you always need to be open minded about things. Just because you get something doesn't mean it cannot be use effectively in another way. 

Definitely looking forward to having My housekeeper back. she was on hiatus for the summer. Really need her and looking forward to seeing her weekly. Also I heard from a long lost sub who wants to work for Me again. He is very handy and can always use someone like that.  I just never like to turn down free help, LOL. 

September 6, 2011

I was once again taken to Vegas this past summer and had a wonderful time getting pampered by My slave. It is always enjoyable when you have someone at your beckon call 24/7 to do the mundane chores from toweling yourself off in the shower to giving you a therapeutic massage in the evening after a good nite cap, ofcourse…..It was fun. All the while I had the slave where his CB6000 and I wear the key around my neck.  It is fun to have people staring at your neck and wonder why is she wearing that. For those who are into BDSM know what the key is immediately. 

Well, as the Summer is over and Fall just begins I want to express My thanks to all My subs who worked around My house and inside as well. Offering of ones services of domestic engineer and groundskeeper was wonderful for Me as well as My home.  If anyone wishes to work around My house, please email Me. I have lots of work to be done….. 

Hope to see you very soon.


August 2, 2011

    This summer has been so warm and busy I cannot believe it is August already.  Where has the         time gone?  I have had some time to spend camping this summer with My slut and it was a blast!!  We went outside the camper about 1am and I tied My slut naked to a tree and started to give him a much needed beating as he was being very sarcastic that day.  Really, do I need to have an excuse to do that, No.  There was no- one even near the camper and we were sheltered on 3 sides.  Everyone around us had their A/C’s on so sounds would not be a problem.  After that occurred I had him clean up naked around our camper to straighten up outside of it as it was very messy.  He always does good work in the nude, LOL.. I am sure I can think up many more fun trips but will let you know when they occur. 

    One of My favorite photos is of this sub just worshipping My feet. I enjoy foot worship and many of My subs do as well.  It is a favorite of mine and I feel that all women should be worshipped in this way.  It is a sign of obedience and ofcourse the Mistress likes it!!

     Have a nice rest of the summer.

July 1, 2011

    Have a great 4th of July holiday!!!


June 1, 2011

   Well, another month flew by.  May was filled with submissives serving around the house, both inside and outside.  I had one of My submissive do bathroom remodeling in My two baths.  He did such a great job he definitely got his reward in the end. LOL  Also, if you are looking to do work for a session I have some work outside that needs to be finished.  Let me know ASAP.

 As it is getting into the summer months soon I wanted to let you know about possibly coming to Syracuse and Buffalo.  If you are interested in seeing Me , send Me and email so I can get a better idea of interest. 

 I was able to play with a long time submissive who is into handcuffs . We had so much fun I enjoyed watching him with all his jewelry on attached to chairs, tables, etc.  Poor little guy he looked so pathetic yet so exciting and fun watching him in those positions.


May 3, 2011

May is here and the cold,rainy weather persists.  It is very disappointing as I would love to take some of My sluts onto the deck for a nice foot rub or the park for a long horse ride.  Fortunately when you own 24/7s the work continues rain or shine, cold or hot.  They are more dependable then the mail man – LOL.  I am already beginning to ponder about Summer and I would like some feedback as to sessioning in Buffalo or Syracuse this summer.  If I give you advanced notice maybe I can coordinate a day or two in the area.  It is always a fun time.


Unfortunately I missed a fun opportunity to session with My fellow Domme ,Empress Czarina. She was in My area and we were not able to get together L.  It would have been a blast as we have submissives that are so much alike.  I am sure we will have more opportunities in the future.


April 1, 2011

First of all Happy Spring!  Well the winter weather is hopefully behind us now.  Time to look forward to better weather and get out of the house and in the fresh air.  I hope everyone had a good 2010.  I have been busy adding a few more whips to My Dungeon.  From time to time a girl has to shop for more toys to add to her inventory…..LOL   In fact a friend of mine and I will be going clothes shopping in a week.  I have added a new rubber dress and some nice thigh high boots that contour the leg perfectly.  I will be trying out some latex clothing as well to see how that looks. It always looks good on Lady Gaga….


I would like feedback on the movie I have uploaded on My site of Me coming down the stairs.  I just wanted to know if you want to see more of this.  It is fun to make and I would appreciate all the responses and opinions of it.







March 1, 2011

It is too bad that I already have a contract to have a plow do My driveway in the winter as I would of preferred this submissive instead.  I do think he is doing a very good job despite the elements, LOL.  I know that all Mistresses would love a dedicated slave shoveling their driveway and walkway.  Something to think about in the future.  Hopefully this month is the last we see of the white stuff......

February 2, 2011

If a picture is worth a thousand words I would imagine that the photo below would entertain much more than a thousand words.  The theme in this photo is of a cuckold.

  One of My subs desires is to be one and I made his dream come true.  Maybe you are not familiar with the word cuckold or possibly have heard it but not sure of the real meaning. A cuckold is a submissive husband  with a wife who takes on alpha-male lovers whereby the wife's sexual pleasures become the husband's vicarious sexual pleasures and experiences.  In this case My submissive is the cuckold.  He had experienced it for the first time.  I am sure there were many words to describe his reaction including fear and excitement.  Personally I feel that this is a male fantasy and to watch your wife with another male is exciting.  he was hooded and put in the corner to be mocked and humiliated.  He also could hear what was going on and I am sure that was very exciting.  Listening to sounds of pleasure and conversation would be a turn on.  Once I finished he had to complete on more task.  This was to clean Me after sex.  I am sure the taste would be a little different than what a woman’s scent is normally like, but I enjoyed watching him do that. LOL

I do wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day and hope that spring will comes 6 weeks early….OK I am in Western,NY and that does not happen. Spring begins sometime in April :(  LOL But I can dream….


January 6, 2011

I hope that all of My sluts had a very enjoyable holiday and had a fabulous New Year.  I had the pleasure of accompanying one of My cuckold sluts to Las Vegas for a relaxing four day getaway.  It was nice having 65 degree weather and leaving behind all the snow and cold weather Rochester received. Slut put us up at the MGM Grand which is as large as a metropolis.  The size alone of the hotel is amazing. The life of a Mistress is rewarding as it was necessary to get a foot rub after walking from the front door to My room- I am not kidding.  In fact I received quite a lot of foot massages on My trip – LOL. I cannot remember how many as I have lost count.

Upon arriving at the room I had taken out a lock and key and then instructed the sub to get out of his suitcase his CB.  I locked it with My key which I wore around My neck the entire trip.  It serves as a reminder to the sub that I have his chastity and I control it.  Both of us went out to dinner and the waiter came over to our table and advised us that our tab was picked up from a group of guys that just left. Still to this day I am not sure why our dinner was on the house but maybe the key around My neck was the main reason.  After dinner we sat down in a lounge area that was full of people and I advised My slave to take My boot off and rub My feet. It was funny to see the ladies heads turn around and focus on My footrub.  I loved every minute of it.  I am sure most of the ladies were envious of that!  It is funny to watch My subs getting nervous in front of all those people. 

The room had one king bed for Me.  I had my sub sleep on the floor on the opposite side of Me so if I had to get up in the middle of the night he would not be in My way. For some reason overnight it was very cold on the floor I found him sleeping with towels on my way back from the bathroom in the morning.  I could not stop laughing and threw him some covers.

 The next day for lunch we ate at a restaurant right in the hotel.  It was very nice and was crowded.  I told My sub when I am ready to leave I want you to kiss My chair after I get up. The look on his face was priceless. There were more people coming in the restaurant as we were ready to leave. So I got up from the chair and headed out of the restaurant but looked back to glance to see if he listened to My instructions.  He did and kissed my chair.  There were 2 young guys seated next to us.  I bet they got a laugh or two as well as all the other couples sitting there. 

The last night I needed an outfit to play so we went to Fredericks and picked up a cute corset with matching panties. I had my sub wait in the area near the fitting room so he could tell Me what outfit he liked best.  The outfit below I liked the color and fit so off we went to play in the room.  I had him go get Me some ice and used the ice to cool off his ass and groin area.  Then I made good use of the belt on his cold ass. He got a good whipping.  After we were done playing I had him out in the hall for a cooling off period while being naked.  Then I started to pack My bag as he was outside in the hall.  I had a great time and I am sure there will be more trips in the future.





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