December 13, 2010

I just got back from Vegas. Had a 3 day excursion with My sub.  How could a girl complain about having someone at your beckon call, pampering you as well as wining and dining Me.  Plus the weather was great as well. It was nice not wear a coat outside.  Got a little taste of Spring weather before I came back to 2 feet of snow!  More to come regarding My trip in the January newsletter.

December 2, 2010

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday.  I certainly did and it always goes by so fast.

 The month of November I have had the pleasure of playing with another Domme and her submissive as well as giving a session to a female submissive.  This Domme wanted to teach her submissive a lesson so we put our heads together and created contests. One of them was a tug of war . We put both of them on either side of the room.  We attached rope to each of their balls  and created a line that the rope with a scarf had to cross.  The first one over the line got a prize. While each of us were cheering our subs , the subs were trying their hardest to win.  While there is always a winner the loser got punished.  He ended up with a red sore butt begging us to stop as we inflicted another blow from our crop.  I know the My submissive enjoyed the punishment inflicted upon him by the other Mistress. he always does…

Out of the blue I received a call from My female submissive wanting to session.  I had a Saturday free and felt that there is no time like the present.  This is a rare opportunity for Me as I do not get very many female submissives so I embraced it and had a wonderful time.  Putting nipple clamps on her was exciting as there was quite a lot to grab and squeeze.  She sat in My black chair with legs apart as well as arms and had fun teasing and taunting her with the tens unit as well as a vibrator. 

I wish everyone a Happy Holiday and New Year!  Hope to see everyone soon.


November 3, 2010

I guess it is safe to say that winter is approaching fast.  The weather is getting cooler and there is frost on the grass in the morning.  I only wish the seasons would take a little longer to change as I do not enjoy them quickly passing.

October was a fun month for Me as I love the Halloween theme.  In the past I would do sessions based on this theme but that got harder to accomplish as fetishes differ per sub.  One of My subs who enjoys being dressed up as a slut thoroughly enjoyed living out her fantasy.  I could see the gleem in her eye as the male sub entered the room. 

So, what was I up to for Halloween?  I find myself invited to a few different Halloween parties over the weekend.  Not being a big drinker My first instinct would be to decline however the Domme side in Me cannot give up the chance to abuse and humiliate My slut in public and his friends.  Halloween is that one time of year where people dress up and role play.  Does anyone remember the series Gilligan’s Island?  My slut makes a good skipper when W/we dye his hair white.  With My hair color I am a natural MaryAnn.  So, what does this have to do with My lifestyle?  Well, if stuck on an island for a long period of time you better bet your ass that skipper will be on a leash and My slave.  Yup, the captains hat will have that designation “slave” written right over it—LOL.  My wardrobe will be supplemented with rope for bondage as well as nice large bamboo canes.  A few footrubs, using him as a foot-stool and chair, leash and many trips to the food table waiting on Me and the other Girls (Evil Grin)!!!!!!!!!

October 4, 2010

I wanted to thank all My subs for the Birthday wishes from last month.  I loved all the gifts and I actually had a special surprise on My birthday.  I got in touch with a boyfriend that enjoys cucking hubby. So on My birthday when he came home for dinner I met him at the door with a bra, garterbelt and panties I had just purchased from Victoria’s Secret.  On My feet were 4 inch heels stiletto heels. Then I gave him a hug and lead him upstairs where I escorted him in the corner.  Out of the bathroom came Jeff and I told him he will be watching a real man treat a woman for her birthday.  He handed hubby an outfit to wear in the corner. It was a pink teddy. I want you to wear that sissy as I fuck you wife, Jeff said.  I snickered and thought that was a great idea.  So he watched as I was completely satisfied and was able to eat a big creampie in the end…SO I do believe that I had a great birthday! 

September 1, 2010

I would like to thank all of My submissives that took the time out of their schedule to make the Syracuse trip enjoyable.  Not only did it allow me the opportunity to enjoy a mini-break from home but also provided the opportunity to enjoy a few days of play as well as two very unique experiences I found very exciting. 

For the first time I attempted a prolonged bondage and interrogation scene outside of My dungeon.   The submissive books his own room and the play lasted the complete time of My visit.  To aid with the safety, complexity, and enjoyment of the submissive I used the resources of another local volunteer submissive.  Our time together consisted of mummification, beatings, trampling, heel torture, cbt, nipple torture, breath play with leg scissors as well as queening, as well as lots of teasing.  Between the interaction I used periods of bondage and electrical stimulation (Sensual and sadistic).  By the time we were done I generously provided over 15 hours of direct contact and interaction which far exceeding the expectations of the submissive.  It worked so well we are working on another visit during the holidays at year end.

The second session consisted of an overnight of cross dressing and pictures of play scattered around the hotel.  We enjoyed some public play in the halls by the vending machines, hot tub, elevator, and more locations I choose not to mention.  This preceded the main event of having him blindfolded and spending the entire night at the foot of my bed as My faithful cuckold.


August 5, 2010

Boy this summer is really flying by.  I had a particularly busy month of July.  I had the luxury of adding an additional domestic servant.  I put him to good use shampooing, cleaning and waxing My vehicles.  I also began work with a new female submissive which is quite cute.  I am sure that I will get many hours of enjoyment from humiliating and teasing her in the dungeon.  Last, I met another couple into the scene that I found very nice.  My slut and I will enjoy play with them as well. 

I also enjoyed a short escape camping with My slut and another submissive that flew in from NYC.  It was his desire to enjoy a weekend of public play and I was glad to make it happen.  I booked at Hamlin State Park in a fairly private lot.  I had My slut position the tent and screen house to maximize O/our privacy.  Once complete I took advantage of the privacy and stripped both of the submissives naked.  I enjoyed having them wait on Me hand and foot for the next two days.  They did all of the chores such as gathering the firewood, starting the fire, cooking, dishes, foot massages and even licking My feet clean after walking around barefoot.  For a particularly special Saturday night I invited three Female friends to join us.  Although two were not Domme, they knew about My lifestyle and wanted to experience first hand some of the stories We laughed about.  I think they caught on real fast walking into camp and seeing both men parading around naked.  I instructed My submissives to kneel at their feet and apologize for having such an offensive body – LOL.  After we all enjoyed a good laugh at their expense I had the submissives set up four chairs around the fire and serve us snacks and wine.  As the night went on and the wine set in, the four of us enjoyed some “Truth or Dare” at the expense of the submissives.  We enjoyed inflicting cbt, floggings, nipple torture, foot worship and trampling to the lucky sluts.  As the night went on We enjoyed humiliating the sluts with some forced interaction between themselves.  I will let you use your imagination for what occurred but it is fair to say it made the four of Us very hot as we watched and enjoyed (Evil grin).  Afterwards, as a reward, two of Us gave the slut from NYC a golden shower and sent him to wash up.  Not to spoil My fun, the shower was a few hundred yards away and all I allowed him to wear was a pair of depends.  The rest of the evening was enjoyed with the four of Us being served and enjoying foot massages.  Read My website later in the month for what occurred publicly the following day.                                         

I have made reservations and will be in Syracuse August 24th – August 26th for sessions.  Anyone interested in a session should let Me know ASAP so I can plan accordingly. 

July 6, 2010

I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July weekend.  It certainly was sunny and warm.  This past month I had seen some new subs and had a great time with them. I love the control that I have over a submissive and usually the new subs are so accomodating they even go above and beyond what I ask of them.  By doing so they injure themselves by getting bruised knees or even tire quickly.  It makes Me feel good knowing that I am their first Domme and every other Domme after that is compared to Me.  What a fortunate situation to be in.

If you want to apply for a 24/7 position please see My Domestic Servitude page.  I have plenty to do around My house(LOL).........My housekeeper would attest to that.  


June 1, 2010

I am in the process of setting up some sessions in Buffalo this summer let Me know if interested.  I would like to come to Buffalo. Email Me for more information.  Syracuse subs I was thinking August so if interested email Me as well.


May 4, 2010

Where did the month of April go?  I cannot believe it is now May.  Time to think about an idea I have for My anniversary. It is coming up this month and I want to cuckold My hubby with a bf.  Instead of wearing a nice sexy outfit I would wear a white wedding dress. How fun would that be....Having him sit in the corner while I am wearing a wedding dress as I am with another guy.  The irony of that is great.  I think it will be a fun way to celebrate our anniversary and one that he will NOT forget....LOL

April 7, 2010

I hope everyone had a nice Easter. At the very least you could not beat the weather.  I like these warm days popping up in Spring.  It gets Me energized!!  Now that Spring is here I have a few additions to My dungeon. One of them is a potty chair and the other is a device whereby the submissive is attached to chains and immobile.  One of My 24/7's made these for Me so I decided to play with him with his original toy that he made for Me 3 months ago.  Below is a photo.


I do have to admit that he mistook Me for the sweet and innocent persona I can portray.  We all know in session that I change that persona and made him understand My way!  My way is that I am in charge and he needs to understand that.  Otherwise he will be disciplined and he was.  So I think I corrected his behavior and he will now see Me in a new light. (LOL)    

March 2, 2010

Wow, did February go by fast. Real Fast.  Glad to see March as it means that winter is approaching its end in Western, NY.  A joyous time as those of us who enjoy the sun and warmth.  So much to do in the Spring as I have many projects around the house to be completed if anyone is looking for a 24/7 position.  Email Me and let Me know your qualifications.  Looking forward to having a fun month with My submissives. I have a few fun ideas up My sleeve. 

February 18, 2010

I hope everyone of you had a nice Valentines Day.  I certainly did.  For that special day I decided to have a boyfriend come over and we made a video for hubby.  I had him shave my pussy completely bald.  Now this is not an easy thing to do as you have to have complete trust in the other person.  It is not an easy thing for me to give someone complete trust with a razor but I did it anyways.  Gotta get crazy once in a while, don't we?  It is hot to see a guy shaving me and a turn on as he touches me.  Once it was done, all clean and hair free my hubby was sent to the corner to watch the finale.  I had a wonderful time and was a little nervous with someone else having the razor but I came out unscathed, without a nick...good job :)

January 20, 2010

Well, it is already halfway through the month of January and I apologize for not writing. I hope everyone had a great holiday.  I certainly did.   I have been busy with so many projects I have completely forgotten to keep you informed.  I am looking into having My questionnaire put on My website and adding some new photos.  Ofcourse adding new software is never an easy transition and it takes looking into and playing around with.  Speaking about that, (LOL) I am looking for a few more BF's.  It is fun to search for!!!


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