December 17, 2009

Can it already be the 17th of December. Where did the month go?  I was fortunate enough to have a fun time of shopping with one of My subs. I was in need of some last minute Xmas gifts and ofcourse a new coat for Me ,earrings, as well as a few items I purchased from Fredericks.  While I put on a few outfits My sub watched Me dress and undress in the dressing room.  I bought a red corset just for the holidays....  Soon I will meeting up with Mistress Czarina to have a little fun again with our subs.  Will have to fill you in and give you all the wonderful details of our session and what we will be doing to our subs......Have a wonderful holiday to all My subs and I hope to see you soon.  Happy New Year!

December 1, 2009

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  I certainly did and the holiday is unfortunately not long enough.  On to the bigger holiday, Christmas.  What a wonderful time of the year to get all of your frustrations out on a sub.  I just try to think about those long lines at the mall when you are ready to cash out, parking at the mall, and dealing with everyone's shitty attitude toward others.  When I think of that I can have a real good spanking or hitting session.   As you probably noticed already I have a Gallery page now. I am enclosing photos of sessions I recently had.  I will upload a few more photos on it soon.........


November 25, 2009

Wishing all My sluts a Happy Thanksgiving!  I have updated to included photos from My gallery.  These photos are taken within the month.  I thought you would like some new photos of Myself and My subs.  Again have a nice holiday and try not to eat too much!! Gobble Gobble....


October 31, 2009

I hope all My slaves have a Happy Halloween!  It is a fun night to be had by kids as well as adults.  I will try to get some ghastly beatings in this evening.  :)  I have put up My November calendar already and am looking for 24/7's to do My leaves as I have a ton.  Please email Me if interested.

October 13, 2009

I hope everyone had a nice Columbus Day weekend.  I certainly did. Although I did not attend the RKS auction that I annually attend.  This year I did not see anything that I do not have already.  They have the items online so you can view them.  I think after 9 years I have accumulated so many toys :).  BUt, always looking for NEW toys too!!!!!  I wish in the future that the auction had more vendors.  Attention 24/7's, I have leaves to be raked and bagged if you are interested, just email Me.     

October 1, 2009

Happy Fall!  It really has come quickly and brought with it cold weather.  YUK!  I do realize it is fall and am trying to make the best of it although I feel the need to take it out on your ass, LOL.   I had received a poem from one of My submissives that is really outstanding and well written. Kudos to him for writing it and bestowing Me this wonderful expression of his creativity. 


In my mind, She lives

Lurking, stalking, owning me

i beg to be taken

Forever to serve, Captured


Naked, kneeling, and wonder

How may i please today

Whips, shackles, mind control

Surrender i do to Her


Sultry, sensuous, and curves

Whispers, light touch, tease

Cleavage, fishnets and leather

In Her web i long to be


Soft and gentle, then crisp the pain

Exposed and vulnerable to Her

i offer my existence

To please in any way


Twenty four hours daily

Owned for two years now

i beg to gift You Mistress

Please own me for always i beg


Take me as i beg You

i know no other way

To remain forever owned

i surrender, i kneel, Captured


Your beauty is in Your eyes

Your mind controls me now

i yearn to please You only

Use me Mistress, please


Every day in my thoughts

Pamper and please my role

i beg to sacrafice pleasure

So Yours is fully received


Wanting to be owned

Dreaming of kneeling again

Time away is filled...

With thoughts & dreams, Captured



September 8, 2009

Where did the month go?  Cannot believe it is September already...My favorite Month too!!! Hope to see all My subs soon.

August 20, 2009

What a surprise today I had. My slut phil came to deliver a present of Victoria Secret panties and bras as well as a Wegmans Ultimate Chocolate cake....He called to see if I was home and delivered them to My door. What a good sub he is and a thoughtful one at that.  I do admit that that is My favorite chocolate cake!  Thanks again slut.

August 19, 2009

As promised here are the pics of the shoes My sub sent Me....They are fun looking and I will use them to their full potential.  The red ones have a cork heel so that will be fun to insert.LOL




August 18, 2009

Boy has time flown by this month.  My projects seem to be winding down this summer but you know I can always find projects for My subs to do around the house. (LOL)  Unfortunately not getting enough dungeon time with My slut as I use him as a guinea pig.  So watch out subs.. Oh got My new shoes and will post photos of the 3 pairs I received from a generous slave.  They are sexy and will look forward to walking over My subs with them, ouch!!  Hope all of you are having a good summer. It seems the weather is now cooperating.  Still hoping to make an appearance in Syracuse. Will keep you updated.


July 3, 2009

Tonight I arranged a fun filled evening with Empress Czarina (Crawl4Me on Collarme) and both of our sluts.  We arrived at Her house in Monticello, NY around 5PM.  To My surprise a niece of Hers, Lady Kathryn (LadyKinBk on Collarme) was in from Brooklyn.  I discovered She was just learning the BDSM scene and fortunately was there for a scene with a submissive the very next day.  After sharing some BDSM stories for a few hours while having Empress Czarina’s sluts do his chores around the house, Empress Czarina took Me into Her dungeon to show off some of Her equipment.  I must say that I was very impressed with the selection and quality of the equipment that Empress Czarina had.  It was also nice forcing our sluts to wait anxiously in the other room – LOL.  In Our own time the three of Us dressed into Our play attire and walked out to lead the submissives to the dungeon.  Play in the dungeon was a blast.  Empress Czarina and Lady Kathryn worked our their slut and I enjoyed torturing My slut.  Every so often I found Lady Kathryn looking over at My handy work.  It was nice seeing the smile on Her face as My slut squirmed and moaned from the harsh treatment.  It was obvious that She was a sadist and enjoyed the welts, bruises and cuts I was inflicting.  All in all we all had a great time which ended very close to mid-night.          


July 2, 2009

I just completed a nice vacation visiting My family in downstate, NY.  Despite the weather I had a very nice time and even had a few short lived sun breaks where I could enjoy myself at the pool J.  Those familiar with My journal might remember that another benefit of My trip home is a secret sexual rendezvous with the very first man I ever loved.   Why would this trip be any different?  Thursday evening I had My slut drop Me off at his place for Me to enjoy a nice romantic home cooked dinner.   I enjoyed a nice candle lit dinner consisting of Lobster, twice baked potatoes, smashed cauliflower, corn on the cob followed with a very thick and rich cheese cake.  Afterwards we went down to the strand and enjoyed the local bands along with some hot passionate kissing along with some fingering to My first explosion.  We finished the night back at My in-laws with My slut wearing a hood and bound in the corner with his parents in the room next door.  That is exactly the way I found everything the next morning when we woke. – LOL.  Feeling hot once again I had My slut stand watch as I walked My boyfriend down the hall for a shower.  Enjoying a fun time in the shower is certainly one of My biggest turn-ons.  Knowing where we were made it even better.  After we were done we snuck out of the house and I walked My ex-boyfriend to his car.  I am not sure why but I get incredibly hot putting Myself in situations where I might get discovered cucking My slut.  :-)  As a reward for being a good cuckold I allowed him to masturbate after weeks of frustration


July 1, 2009

Last month will be a month that I will not soon forget.  I have never allowed that many sessions in the month and due to this have not had a chance to work on scheduling My trips to Buffalo and Syracuse.  Knowing that I do need to provide adequate time I am working on  July 21st – 23th in Buffalo and August 19th – 20th in Syracuse.      

Hoping that you have a great Fourth of July.  Will let you know how My holiday was as I am going to visit a fellow Domme for some fun and laughs with our slut husbands.  I will post to My journal after I get back from my getaway.


June 25, 2009

I have done My share of Hostage type scenarios this past month as well as My first tickling session.  I have never done that type of session before. It posed some challenges such as to find out how and where a person can be tickled for an entire session.   It was fun as I tried many implements around the house as well as my fingers.  I contacted some fellow Dommes and did some research on tickling and found out that most people cannot handle these types of sessions.  They are very intense.  If you are very ticklish it takes effort and willpower to stay still for a tickling session.  Even if your mind is ready to obey your Mistress and stay in place, your body might behave in a different manner by kicking, moving or just trying to get out of the situation.   Maintaining control is much harder with tickling than with pain.  In my research I have found that during the days of the Roman Empire there was documentation of a Roman torture known as goat licking.  This was used to punish people.  The person’s bare feet were covered in salt, or a sweet substance.  The goats licked the feet until they were blistered.  Ouch!!  China used tickling as a torture for those in Royalty.  Much of the pain and torture without lasting marks.  In Colonial America times tickling was not used to torture but as a form of humiliation.  Stocks would be used to restrain a person making the soles of their feet easily reached and those that passed by would tickle torture them.  It is no fun to break rules during these times!!   


June 15, 2009

This month continues to be busy.  I have met a total of seven brand new submissives this month with four of them coming from out of state.  I also have begun chastity training with one of My submissives.  If he only knew the agony that My slut is in right now for the last 16 days.  It is amazing that I have submissives go 60 days without relief and he struggles so bad after a few weeks. 


June 9, 2009

Well, My guilt has gone away.  While I always enjoy playing with My slut after boyfriends, that choice has always been entirely mine.  Since Friday night he has decided to pout and whine about what occurred.  I decided to end it today!!!!  I brought out the “mistake” and reached an all time high of 50 strokes.   By the time I was done he did not have the strength to stand and was dangling from the ceiling.  I must admit that it made Me feel better.  The only reason I stopped was his pleads to offer abstinence of any sexual release for the remainder of the month.  That is his Achilles heel  and I know how dysfunctional he gets after a few days of frustration - LOL 


June 5, 2009

I must confess that I feel a slight bit of guilt today.  The beginning of this month has been very active with sessions.  Every single day thus far I have had one or two sessions.  While I find the session s very enjoyable, My time with My slut husband, domestic servants and boyfriends has been limited.  Last night I planned to catch up with everything but ended up being bad.  You see, I had all intentions to fit in a new submissive, one of My boyfriends and then some play with My slut.  Well, the session went well enough.  After the session I bound My slut spread eagle to the basement floor and enjoyed using My electrical toys on him sensually teasing him.  I must admit it is very fun doing this with anticipation of My boyfriends coming over.  When the boyfriend arrived I left My slut in the dungeon bound while I went upstairs to play.  Upstairs I had a blast.  There was no doubt that both of us were completely satisfied as  we talked and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.  By the time I woke it was 3AM.  I rushed the boyfriend out and afterwards went downstairs to find My slut awake, lying on the mat cover with his piss.  I was proud knowing that while I was just a shout away that he sacrificed his humiliation for My enjoyment.  I released him and sent him up for a shower.  By the time he was done, I was once again sound asleep.          


June 1, 2009 

Well, another month  flew by.  May was filled with submissives serving around the house, both inside and outside.  I also managed to find another submissive that will work on some construction around the house.  Very shortly he will be adding another door from My garage to the screen house and hot tub.  This will be very interesting as I have enjoyed past sessions in the screen house with some photos posted on the website.   I am sure this will open things up for even more fun – LOL

My night at the RKS Fetish Fashion Show was very enjoyable.  It was nice to see some of the new BDSM fashions.  It has given Me many new ideas for outfits, not only for Myself but also for My crossdressing sluts.  It was very interesting to watch women parade around in corsets and high heels.  Even more fun watching the male submissive dressed like a woman.  S/he had on different Halloween type outfits such as a maids outfit, a wench (yes, all My crossdresers are sluts), and also a n ice vinyl one piece outfit.  S/he had on 5 inch high heels with every outfit and I was wondering if she would fall flat on her face as she made her way around the room.  S/he never did.  She was steady all the way.  I especially liked her sachet past the audience.  S/he had it all together with the walk and attire.  What a slut she was and she knew it.  S/he had a brown wig that complimented her face and a very nice job of makeup to boot.  It was funny to watch her parade around as the audience was in laughter.  When she passed by My table (I was sitting on the end) I could not reserve the urge to slap her in the ass.  I received a very big smile.  I was not surprised as all sluts love the attention!!!.  If she only knew what devilish ideas that I had in mind.  S/he also loved the humiliation from the host.   S/he really got off showing others how hot she looked.  It was very entertaining to watch.

After the show was the play party.  It was time to have a little fun with My sub.  As My submissive  did not show up with any play clothes (what was he thinking) I had purchased a black thong for him.  he bashfully put it on.  Next I put on the collar and leash and lead him to the play area.  W/we walked around the room like a Dom/sub should.  Me leading, him following with some slack in the leash until I deciding where I wanted to play.  I proceeded to tie him up at one of the stations that had a St. Andrew cross.  All the while he was whimpering that he did not care for others to watch.  I told him that if he doesn’t stop his nonsense I would ask the onlookers to join Me in punishing him.  Then immediately, he got real quiet like a church mouse and I did not hear a word from him until after the session.  Out of My bag came the floggers, then the paddles as I whipped his ass until it was red.  Then I brought out My ErosTek and tied up his balls and put on the electricity.  He had not had electricity before so to see him winch in pain while others watched on was an exciting and rewarding sight.  It was very obvious  he was uncomfortable in the lime light which even made it more enjoyable.  Watching his face as others watched and enjoyed the scene.  After I was through playing W/we changed and headed home.   I definitely got My workout  Saturday night.  Thank you very much slut don J  XXXXXXXX

May 29, 2009 

Well, one more day until the RKS Fetish Fashion Show and dinner.  I will be attending with one of My domestic servants and am sure that I will have a blast.  It will be nice to enjoy a nice relaxed evening amongst local BDSM friends served the entire night with worthy submissives.  After dinner and conversation I will reward My slut with some suffering and humiliation in the RKS dungeon.

May 15, 2009 

Interest for My trip to Syracuse and Buffalo has begun to flow in.  One item I should have mentioned previously is that space is limited to submissives that have seen Me previously at My dungeon.  Past experience has shown Me that the first session is usually filled with the submissive’s nerves as well as a long talk and journey discovering the submissive’s likes and/or dislikes.  I do not have the flexibility in the hotel to adjust to the submissives needs as I would in the dungeon.  

May 5, 2009

Now that I am back and taking advantage of the Spring weather I am utilizing My subs to clean inside and outside.  I am in need of additional Spring cleaning thus am looking for volunteers.   I’d love to help but am sure you would not expect a Mistress to do that type of work….That is why I have domestic submissives – LOL   

I am visiting Buffalo and Syracuse again this July/August so let Me know if you are interested in sessioning there.  My itinerary is usually full so I wanted to get the word out early on as to not miss anyone.  

In closing I would like to send a shout out to Pig bob. Pig bob was My very first submissive as a professional and has become like a member of My family.  Pig bob is doing fair and I want to let him know he is in My thoughts and prayers. 

May 1, 2009

So, what is a vacation like for a Mistress?  Well, for the most part pretty normal family fun although I do enjoy adding in some BDSM fun.   I have decided it is time to work My slut for daily exercise.  I decided to ride on his back for 50 laps each evening in the pool.  I discovered a quiet affective manner of controlling the motion by using his ear lobes as My bridal—LOL.  Most evenings you would also find Me on the beach watching the sunset.  To help with the long day of walking on My feet, I found it quiet satisfying and relaxing having My slut massaging My feet for this time.  I also enjoyed innocent BDSM fun in public.  I have perfected this quiet well thus My fun will typically go undetected however occasionally you do get some interesting looks – LOL.  One afternoon/evening was spent with Mistress Penny and her submissive husband.  Mistress Penny showed Me a very interesting new trick.  We had our husbands each dig a hole in the sand large enough to cover themselves with about one foot of sand.  We had them put on a snorkeling mask and we both enjoyed burying them completely in the sand.  Their only access to air was through the snorkel which we used to hear the breathing.  For additional fun we put our beach towels over them and tanned for close to an hour.  Those that witnessed the burial had quiet a few interesting looks.  I quess this brings a new style to mummification and reminds Me of a Movie—”Creep Show” involving a very similar situation as the surf is slowly rising to cover his head.  I can hold My breath for a very long time” Anyone interested – LOL

I had one other opportunity to spend time with Mistress Penny and that was at Club LaVela.  What better time to visit a very popular dance club then on Spring Break.  Well, needless to say Mistress Penny addressed very “cougar” like.  We had our submissive husbands stand way out of the way however close enough to make sure they could properly wait on us when our drinks were running low.  Mistress Penny and I enjoyed a fun filled evening talking, dancing and petting with a whole lot of hot young men.  As I cuckold My husband I pretty much let their hands wander wherever they desired.  Multiple dance rooms also led itself to the fun.  Let’s just say that more then one young man left with a happy ending with My foot or hand (Evil grin) 


April 28, 2009

So much has happened since the last letter and website update.  I have catching up to do for My sluts – LOL.  April was absolutely nuts as thought.  Not only did I enjoy two beautiful weeks in sunny Florida working on my tan, but My journal must have peaked interest as I began training three new domestic subs for chores.  Amazingly enough one is from Ithaca and another from Albany.  I also am considering collaring My first domestic slave.  For those that do not understand the term “slave” – this is someone that offers complete control over their life.    This could prove to be very interesting.  I have also recently decided to collar another domestic servant I took on last fall.  As he owns a business, I do not get all of the time I would like however of all of the domestic servants I have trained in the past, I find him the most deserving.  His enjoyment for the whole experience is as simple as the smile on My face.  Once My website updates are  complete I very well may collar a third.  It absolutely amazes Me what a submissive male will do for a quality Mistress.  This makes Me happy – LOL.  With My May calendar and journal entry I will tell you about some BDSM and boyfriend fun I had while down south. It was real blast!


April 1, 2009

April appears to be a very busy month and I will have the opportunity to see quiet a few new submissives.  I am also starting to get requests for 24/7's so keep them coming.  I always have a great deal of work to do in My yard and home. :) 


March 22, 2009

Spring is finally here and I am still searching for submissives to clean and groom the yard.  If interested, email Me NOW!!!!!  See January 1st for benefits.


March 10, 2009

The kidnapping scene was exciting and entertaining.  I dressed up in My business suit, hand cuffs, and badge, and met the individual at East View mall.  Unbeknown to him, I was overlooking the general area he was instructed to be at as I gave him a call to meet Me at a local restaurant (outside of the mall).  Unfortunately to his surprise he never made it to the restaurant.  The quickness, and how sudden this occurred surprised the sub.  Even , more surprising for them was the ability to bind the submissive spread eagle in the van.  I cut off his clothes on the journey back to the dungeon and the session began.  If only the vehicles we pulled next to realized what was going on in the back of the van - LOL.    


March 1, 2009

Sessions in February were very active and gave Me the opportunity to play with many of My new toys and submissives.  I enjoyed three separate dual Mistress encounters as well as an overnight guest which is always a blast.  I always enjoy working with Mistress Nykki , Mistress Micki, & Mistress Deb.  Each Mistress has her own style which completely makes for a very interesting time.

March is always busy.  Those interested in overnight or four hour sessions will get a bonus.  Contact Me for details.  I’ve have My first one scheduled for tomorrow.  It will be a very intense kidnapping at a public location followed by a very detailed interrogation with loads of bondage, torture, and humiliation.  For the second time I plan to play with cigarettes blowing smoke in his eyes and nose as well as  flicking the asses in his mouth.  If for whatever the reason I do not believe any of the information he provides, I am sure as the cigarette gets close to the skin and starts to burn the truth will flow.  Definitely for those that have a cigarette fetish.  Oh…the humiliation and suffering a cigarette can bring to My submissives – LOL (See photo).  Don’t worry, there are many other ways to torture My sluts that do not have a cigarette fetish.

February 25, 2009

I am sitting here answering some emails and typing into My journal while My slut sits on the floor next to My desk massaging My feet.  It feels so relaxing and enjoyable being pampered.  Occasionally I will pull his hair, bend over and spit on his face as I remind him that in two hours I will be in My typical meeting spot (Starbucks), meeting a new potential boyfriend for the first time.  My slut will certainly wonder during the whole time while  I’m gone if I’ll have an attraction and have someone new to play with.  Shortly I’ll send him up to make dinner for the family.  Once W/we eat he will be helping Me get dressed and ready for My plans tonight.  Will I be home quickly after a talk and a cup of tea or will I end up going somewhere else after the talk.  No t even I know.  Some of you might even be reading this while I am off on My date.  Just think of the possibilities.  Maybe we will meet—LOL 


February 21, 2009

This has been a busy month so far and I have not posted anything in My journal for My subs to read.  Well you will be surprised to know for Valentine’s Day this year I spent it with the family.  Of course in the evening I brought My hubbie to the Dungeon and had a good session in which he was able to eat off Me, Wegmans Ultimate Chocolate cake!  This is the best chocolate cake I have ever had and he thanked Me for being able to please Me in more ways than one.  I did want to share an email with you from one of My submissive’s that would have made a terrific Valentine’s Day for Me, My BF and My cuck.

I entered my girlfriend house last night, of course since it was Valentine’s Day I brought a box of chocolates, a nice card, and a wrapped gift for her.  This of course is nothing unusual except for the fact that Sherry’s husband was standing just a few feet away.  That’s right Sherry’s married, I’m her boyfriend and her husband knows it.  You see Sherry is in what you call a FemDom marriage and her husband is her servant/slave/toy/etc. 

This was the first time I actually met her husband so I wanted to make my presence known to him.  After exchanging hellos and a brief kiss with Sherry I walked over to her husband and ordered him on his knees.  He complied instantly.  I told him that for the rest of the evening he was going to do whatever he was told.  That he was to address me as Sir and his wife as Mistress.  He replied meekly “yes, Sir”.  I gave him a little slap to his face just for emphasis.

I returned my attention back towards Sherry, she seemed very amused at the site of me dominating her husband.  I brought over a movie that she’d been wanting to see so the two of us made our way to the couch and cuddled up.  What’s a movie without popcorn and drinks so we decided that we’d have hubby fix it for us.  The movie we were going to watch was a light comedy so I decided to get us into the mood that hubby should entertain us and make us laugh.  He was sort of confused and unprepared.  So I simply said “I know what will make us laugh…how about you strip nude, that should be good for a chuckle.”  So as he started taking his clothes off in front of his wife and her boyfriend, Sherry sternly warned him to hurry up and fold his clothes neatly in the corner.  When he was done, we definitely had a laugh.  He looked so pathetic with his small 2-inch cock, and we were both sure to tell him so!

So we sat on the couch watching the movie and enjoying our popcorn (we threw a few pieces on the floor for hubby to eat too :-), although the movie kind of got boring and we had lost interest.  Instead we turned our interests on each other.  It started with some deep kissing and I ran my hands all over her beautiful body.  I commented to her husband that his wife was extremely hot and I could see why she needed a real man like me.  I ordered slut hubby to crawl over to the couch and unbutton my jeans and to take my cock out for his wife.  Sherry then made him do the same to her, take of her jeans and remove her panties.  I then got up and stood over hubby with my rock hard cock just inches from his face.  I asked him which cock his wife would enjoy more, my long thick one or his puny dick.  He knew the answer.  We then had him crawl to Sherry and he went down on her to get her “ready” for me.  The whole time he was doing that both Sherry & I were telling him how pathetic he was and that a real man wouldn’t be in this situation.  I got a real kick out of seeing Sherry handle her husband.  While going down on her any little thing he did she didn’t like she immediately punished him with a slap or a squeeze of his balls or a pinch to his nipples.  It was all very exciting (at least to Sherry & I !!!). 

Once she was satisfied with his performance she then had him turn towards me.  She made him kiss and lick the head of my penis.  She also made him “beg” me to please his wife.  I of course didn’t need too much convincing.  Sherry & I then began to have sex right in front of him.  We began slowly, I took my time making sure she was enjoying herself.  As we began to pick up intensity she ordered her slut hubby to come a lick my balls and ass while I fucked her.  After a little while we reversed positions with her on top and hubby obliged by licking her ass.  She & I went at it for what seemed like forever.  I was more than happy to hold of on cumming for as long as she wanted.  She really liked being fucked really hard, then she would want it slow and soft.  Each time I complied with however she wanted it.  It was great for both of us.

We decided that we wanted to have some more fun with hubby.  So we went down to her dungeon and picked out some toys.  Within minutes we had poor hubby handcuffed, we took turns beating his balls with a variety of instruments and Sherry then strapped on a dildo and went to town on his ass.  I just sat back on the couch and took it all in.  Sherry then took off the strap-on and came back to me.  We started kissing again and she used her hand to please me.  We had hubby kneel in front of me and before long Sherry had worked me up so I was ready to cum, which I did – all over hubby’s face.  She & I could not stop laughing at the site of him with cum dripping all over him, he could barely open his eyes.  We left him there and went to her bedroom for another round of hot sex this time just the two of us.

January 31, 2009

For those that remember last month’s calendar, after My BDSM experience with My ex-boyfriend, he sent a very nice letter begging to be part of My life forever.  I must admit the thought of two men loving Me and desiring to spend their lives we Me was mesmerizing.  Having a Femdom controlled household with two husbands was rather tempting.  I invited him up to Rochester for a day and sent My slut to a hotel.  We had a enjoyable dinner, some play time in the dungeon for the evening, intimate night together, and the next day a very long discussion of My lifestyle.  It was going rather well until we discussed his expectations.  It was obvious that he had mixed emotions about sharing Me with others and wanted to be part of these decisions.  I enjoy My lifestyle as a Femdom and I am not compromising My desires.  Do not worry sluts….I AM NOT GIVING UP MY FUN ANYTIME SOON – LOL.  Not for My husband, boyfriends, ex-boyfriend or anyone else J  I enjoy what I have become and My lifestyle is here to stay.  Well, if that was not enough fun for the month what happened this week takes the prize.

Have you ever heard the expression that “Things happen in mysterious ways”?  This month I had a few requests for medical scenes and decided to work My calendar around the photos.  Viewing some of the photos I took, I believe I look very good in the nurse’s outfit.  Being the tease that I am you can view below, what are your thoughts?  Well, as life would have it My slut did end up in the emergency room.  Once everything settled down, he was medicated and no longer in pain, My mind began wandering, looking around the room at all of the equipment and toys that I could have fun with.  We ended up spending the entire night there and I must admit that it did help pass the time by having some BDSM fun. Came up with a few interesting ideas as I humiliated My slut and added some BDSM pain taking his mind off of the reason we were there.  Yes, a very interesting night indeed. 


January 16, 2009

This month has been like a candy store for Me.  I have had a very busy January with submissives thus far and have enjoyed using the many toys received from My submissives for the holidays as well as all of the new items I purchased moving into 2009.  I have so much more electrical and CBT equipment.  Even a full stockade used for ball torture (Evil grin).  Oh, the sweet sound of screams during My sessions!!!!!


January 1, 2009

Over the last four years I have put a lot of time and effort searching and training domestic slaves to work around My house.  Although I have found a hand full of quality submissives that serve around the house/yard, overall the experience has had very mixed results with lots of My efforts wasted.  This is very much opposite of the experience I have found with the submissives who see Me professionally.  One of My New Years resolution this is  to tweak the process for domestic .servants.  Moving forward submissives looking to serve me domestically must meet one  of the following criteria.

1. you must see me at least once professionally

2. you must purchase something from My wish list and send to My house prior to meeting.

3. you must purchase a nice sexy outfit for yourself and mail to Me prior to meeting.

With the unpleasant mentioned above, it now is time to mention what I am searching for this year.

First— Handymen, good for any type of projects or maintenance around the house or yard.  Construction, painting, building, plumbing, electrical, gutters, etc.  Some outside projects will be independent while anything inside must be supervised by meet during My free time.

Second— Yard man, this position will have weekly responsibility of the outside yard work such as mowing, weeding, pruning, planting, etc.  An advantage of this position  will be that the position is completely independent and this can be done at your leisure as long as you are available at least once a week for the duties.

Third—  Domestic servants, this position is necessary to clean my house, laundry, windows, cars, run errands, etc. 

Fourth—I am always looking for females or couples to serve.  I am willing to be very flexible for this position.

If you have something worthwhile to trade, let me know!!!!!!!!!!

I do enjoy providing rewards for those that work for Me.  Play typically is limited during the time you serve however after You meet My requirements of projects or time, I will enjoy a full two hour session with you in My fully equipped dungeon.

My Journal (2007)

My Journal (2008)