December 31, 2008

I hope that all of My sluts had a very enjoyable holiday and had a fabulous New Year.  Once again I took this time to go spend time with the family.  It is always nice to get away but this trip will be particularly memorable as I introduced My very first boyfriend into servitude.  Some of you may remember My play with him cuckolding My husband from a previous journal entry however this time My experience had a twist.  Ever since our previous night together and hearing that he still loved Me, I allowed him to call, write and learn about My Femdom lifestyle.  After all, someone that would like to spend the rest of their life with Me should know what that life would consist of – LOL.  Our night began with My slut husband bringing me to the ex-boyfriend’s house.  After talking for a hour or so inside we came out and I informed My slut he had the honor of chauffeuring  us around for the evening and we would start at Mariano’s (Italian Restaurant).  We got in the back and enjoyed petting and kissing during the drive.  Once seated in the restaurant the fun began.  When the waitress came to the table I ordered a coke and sat quietly for My ex-boyfriend to ordered his drink.  When he chose a beer, I looked at the waitress and told her to make his a diet coke instead.  As she was puzzled I told her to ignore him for all but the check.  I would be doing the ordering for both of us that night.  Although surprised, My ex-boyfriend did not say a word and to My surprise dinner was a success.  After dinner as we were chauffeured to the movies I allowed My ex-boyfriend to have his way with Me as I praised him how proud and hot I was for his behavior in the restaurant.  The whole time at the movie My hand was under a coat placed onto his lap unmercifully teasing him as I instructed him to feed Me popcorn and the drink.  After the movie on the way back to his place a good footrub was in order.  I had him take off My heels and rub My foot while the other foot once again teased him the complete trip back to his place.  Once there, we went inside where I whispered in his ear that serving a Mistress is not about sex and I left.  Before I left I told him that when he was ready to write Me a detailed letter of how he felt the entire evening and mail it or email it to Me.  If I enjoyed it and posted to My website I may allow him the role of a boyfriend once again.                            


December 6, 2008

This week I planned to have one of My boyfriends spend an overnight while My cuck was chained down in the basement.  We had plans to blindfold him (my boyfriend is shy—LOL) and begin playing right by his side .  Obviously I would not want My cuck sleeping after we went upstairs so I had plans for both of us  to provide a golden shower and leave him there for the night.  Would you believe that I came down with a cold the night before ? :-( 

Do not want to reveal more as it will be coming.  Stay tuned

December 1, 2008

Today is the first day of December.  It is amazing that the Christmas holidays are fast approaching.  I really enjoy this time of year.  I had a domestic slave come over to help with the decorations.  The tree is up and inside is completely decorated.  I have some outside decorations to go over the next week.  You can bet they will be doing these as well.  Life as a Mistress is good - LOL 


I have had some requests once again from some submissives about items that I would like for the holidays.  While I do not want any submissives to  feel obligated, those that really want to provide something should contact Me via email for ideas.  


November 26, 2008

I hope that all of My sluts had a very nice Thanksgiving and time away with the family.  I took this time to drive home and spend time with My family.  I also did some Black Friday shopping and went to see Madagascar – Escape to Africa.  I was a little disappointed over the trip as I planned to spend Friday with Mistress Czarina  and Her husband.  Thought it would be nice to get together with Her and hear some of Her experiences as She lives close to NYC.  We also planned to enjoy abusing both of Our slut husbands for the day.  She owns a farm and I was also hoping to strap My slut up in the barn and try out a new bull whip and laugh as he pleaded for both of Us to stop.

November 16, 2008

This weekend I made some changes to My website.  I have modified the main page with a larger photo, completed My journal including a link to My 2007 journal at the bottom and added additional links on the main page.  I have decided to dedicate one page entirely for CBT.  All photos on this page will be from a long time submissive who has a special interest in the art of CBT.  

November 8, 2008

I have had a few submissives ask for details of the Halloween party.  I guess I did not think it would spark as much interest?  Well, yes MaryAnn and slave skipper had a great time .  Most of My vanilla friends chuckled in the beginning however as the day went on I am sure that they no longer know what to think.  Most picture Me as the typical , suburban housewife and My slut in his professional authoritive role  at work.  Others I am sure caught on immediately that this was no costume.  So, what occurred that evening...We walked into the party with his leash in hand walking slightly behind Me.  Once in the house I forced My slave to remove his shoes and socks making him the only one there barefoot.  I paraded him around the rooms meeting everyone before settling down with the some of our friends for a long talk.  During this time I forced My slut to sit on the floor with leash in hand participating in the discussion.  Multiple times I told My slave to make a trip to the kitchen grabbing drinks and snacks for the group.  I must admit it was humorous seeing him walk with the leash dangling down toward the ground and the text slave on his captains hat during his trips.  As the night went on My dominance and BDSM play came out more and more.  I included forced servitude with others, pulled his hair, smacked his face, used the cane and tweaked his nipples with the results of obvious pain and discomfort.  By the end of the night slave skipper was pretty worn out.  I had him serve a few different Women with foot-rubs.  Made him kneel as a human seat for long periods of time and stuffed his stomach with scraps of food dropped on the floor by others for him to lap up.  If that was not enough, as people started to leave and I found my comfort with two other couples whose interests were peaked  by this, I pushed him even further.  I brought him upstairs to a bathroom and had him pull down his jeans.  There he stood in sexy, lace purple panties for the two couples to see.  I think at this point their facial expressions said it all...this was not play—LOL.  I told My slut to close the door, take off the panties and  relieve himself onto them thinking of us waiting outside the door.  One wife wanted to watch so I sent her in.  Shortly after the door opened with the panties in hand.  I made him lick it up in front of us all.  With that we called it a night.  As a note, I now have another couple to play with (Evil grin)   

October 29, 2008

Here we are a few days from Halloween and as usual, I find myself invited to a few different Halloween parties over the weekend.  Not being a big drinker My first instinct would be to decline however the Domme side in Me cannot give up the chance to abuse and humiliate My slut in public and his friends.  Halloween is that one time of year where  people dress up and role play.  Does anyone remember the series Gilligan’s Island?  My slut makes a good skipper when W/we dye his hair white.  With My hair color I am a natural MaryAnn.  So, what does this have to do with My lifestyle?  Well, if stuck on an island for a long period of time you better bet your ass that skipper will be on a leash and My slave.  Yup, the captains hat will have that designation “slave” written right over it—LOL.  My wardrobe will be supplemented with rope for bondage as well as nice large bamboo canes.  A few footrubs, using him as a foot-stool and chair, leash and many trips to the food table waiting on Me and the other Girls (Evil Grin)!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am sure if I ask there would be many more volunteers. 


October 23, 2008

Now I remember the reason I moved away from Frontpage during the summer.  Photos were not displaying on the site and found out that  Frontpage is no longer supported .  I am forced to move back to Publisher2007 for the short term.  What that means is that I will have issues with photo alignment between Internet Explorer and Firefox.  I am working on the webpage to display properly on Firefox for now until my slut can play with Web Easy Professional and Webplus to determine the best solution moving forward.  Sorry for the problems and rest assured I have bloodied his but for the delays

October 21, 2008

I am updating the website back to Frontpage in hopes to have the photos line back up - Stay tuned during the work - All old entrys and photos will be posted back up!!!!

October 20, 2008

Well, today I have decided to bring slut phil over for release from chastity.  It now has been twenty straight days without relief.  Stories of his dreams have been very interesting.  I am sure I will enjoy surprising him with many of the embarrassing events he provided during his begging for release.

October 14, 2008

Well, Although you would "think" all submissives would try the utmost to make the Mistress happy, every now and then I encounter one (or two) that enjoy pushing Me to discipline them for being a brat.  Most recent I was required to react toward My slut husband and one of My 24/7s (slut phil).  Both thought it funny to tease Me on My birthday.  The 24/7 (slut phil) chatted with Me that day and not once wished Me a happy birthday or sent Me a card.  Well, he now has been in chastity 14 days without relief.  I see no end in site - LOL.  My husband, was terrific about providing a gift, card, cake, etc however never invited a boyfriend over for Me to enjoy that night.  he now has been instructed to research and pay for an enjoyable, event filled weekend in Toronto for Me and the boyfriend on My choice!!!!

October 1, 2008

Thank you for once again for making My birthday one more year I will not soon forget :-).  I am truly blessed to receive the quality attention from My submissives that other Dommes or Wives could only dream about.  I enjoyed providing many of My submissives a sound spanking counting the years of My life. I think I have reached the perfect age.  Young enough to receive many compliments from My submissives on My looks and old enough to put a nice red glow on the cheeks for those dear enough to see Me this month.  I must say despite a reminder one of My 24/7s forgot about the special day

September 21, 2008

My birthday is coming up this week and  I have been blessed to receive some new toys, outfits, and a gold necklace from some of My submissives.  It never stops amazing Me how large a heart submissive men have.  I would like to once again thank those that went out of their way for My birthday.  I am sure I will put many of the new toys to use in the coming weeks :-)

September 16, 2008

I have quite a few submissives that travel from out of state or the NYC area to session and do an overnight.  Typically I send My slut to the airport to pick them up and part of the experience is spending the night locked into a cage (Evil grin).  Last week I enjoyed having one of My very first submissives drive in from  Rhode Island.  We get along very well and typically session once a year or so.  This last time however was a little different.  I had the added excitement of abusing My pig with Mistress Volatile.  I am sure that pig had the time of his life—LOL



 August 30, 2008

Every once and awhile I receive a question from another Mistress or submissive asking if I live this lifestyle 24/7.  Those that are familiar with Me I am sure would smile with this question.  Yes, I live this lifestyle completely.  It is quiet evident from the cleanliness of My house up to the point of cuckolding both My husband and another long term submissives.  On occasion I have ever shown photos of My adventures.  August was no different.

About six months back I have started going out on dates with boyfriends in public.  Dinner, movies, parks, holding hands, kissing, petting, etc.  Call it My second childhood – LOL.  August 26th a few new items occurred with a fairly new boyfriend.    I enjoyed a mini-getaway.  Left at lunch and experienced 24 hours away from Rochester with a bf.  I went to Turning Stone and had an action filled day, evening, night and following morning.  I think having sex 3 times in a 12 hour period is a wonderful feeling….Then waking up naked the next morning and getting it again…Good raw sex in the morning is a great stimulator for the day – LOL  Meanwhile My cuckold is home waiting anxiously for My return (Evil grin).

A few other firsts occurred as well.  After years of learning and finding my g-spot, My new bf has not only clued me into my G-spot but brought climaxing with oral and intercourse to a whole new level.  All this excitement………………My first spending a night away without My slut husband and I really enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!  So needless to say when I got home I had to rub it all in as I experienced My best orgasms and as long as I keep the boyfriend I have no desire to teach my cuck how to get better—I love you cuck—LOL

Note:  Submission is not about sex.  Do not disrespect Me by assuming you will be treated like My boyfriends above.  While I enjoy using boyfriends  & submissives for My pleasure, it will be in different ways…...

August 15, 2008

I will be accepting some new people into My BDSM lifestyle this month.  I am working to train a Femdom couple very close to My home and have accepted the responsibility to train a submissive wife from downstate NY.  I must admit that this has Me excited with all of the fun I will be allowed—LOL.  I have been having My evil ways with more and more females and couples and this is always fun.  Believe Me that they could never replace the times I have with My male submissives however it is always nice to have additional play :-)

I am still searching for a submissive handy with carpeting.  I had make plans to meet one and decided at the last moment I am was not interested.  I have some minor work and would offer a session (for the right submissive) in exchange  for their services—Complete October 12, 2008

August 13, 2008

Well, I am making a conscious effort to catch up with everything this coming weekend.  I must confessed I had a surprise arrive this week from one of My 24/7s.  I received a very nice necklace and I would really like to thank him for keeping the smile on My face all week.  I am just in love with it :-)

August 12, 2008

I have fallen behind lately with the website which I know many of you have discovered.  I even received a few emails—LOL.  All of my resources over the last six/seven weeks have gone into sessions with My submissives and some dating of the boyfriends.  My trip to Buffalo in July was a huge hit.   Despite booking the room for two solid days it was necessary for Me to turn away a handful of submissives.  For those that I did see, we had a super time together with lots of fun & play centered around domestic servitude.  Loads of humiliation and suffering (Evil grin).  Even went to dinner with one of the submissives for some additional fun!!!


 The remainder of July flew by and before I realized it I was forced to update My calendar.  August took off exactly where July left off.  I had many different sessions with My submissives and kept busy on weekends as well with mummification scenes. I will load the pictures on the “Extreme” section this weekend.

I followed this last week with my visit to Syracuse.  This visit was enjoyable as well and slightly more relaxing then the trip to Buffalo.


July 13, 2008

I will be  making reservations for trips to Syracuse and Buffalo over the next week.  I have received enough interest to make both visits practical however have room for some more submissives.  If you are interested let me know via email.

July 11, 2008

I am in the process of sending out emails to My submissives in Buffalo and Syracuse  for My travels in July.  Check your email soon or contact Me if you are looking for a local session!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone had a great July 4th holiday.  I certainly know that one of My sluts did not—LOL.  I call him slut chastity.  Although I have a few submissives that I enjoy chastity play with I particularly enjoy My relationship with him.  I made him write for the site about his most recent  experience .

My Chastity


i have been owned by Mistress Sherry for almost a year now. In the beginning She allowed me to session, kneel before Her and submit in just about any way a slave could. As She studied me and learned about me She made Her intentions clear as to what my training would involve. In addition to many types of submission inclusive of shopping trips, sessions, errands, sending gifts and dungeon sessions Mistress chose me to be a chastity slave. She told me early on and continues to remind me that a cock my size must be firmly locked and kept away from Females, meaning i am not deserving nor capable of pleasuring a Female. i can still vividly remember the first time the lock "clicked" shut on my CB6000.

i have been in chastity several times since Mistress decided this to be my submission to Her and each time is longer. My most recent stay in my CB6000 was for two weeks and started this way....

W/we were nearing the end of a session. Mistress teased, denied and tormented me for an hour and she slowly unlocks my chains, She sits in a chair and makes me kneel in front of Her. i am made to rub Her feet, lick Her feet, massage Her feet and legs and become erect in doing so. She instructs me to back away two feet and kneel upright.....your cock is pathetic She tells me, and She removes Her bra. She tells me i'll never be capable of pleasing a Female like Her with such a small cock. The Mistress then handed me the CB. After getting myself secured in the CB, Mistress places the lock - "
click", and tells me...."pathetic, expect two weeks for this reward"! i am made to dress, kiss feet, and i hear the door close behind i also hear Her laughter.

Every day i am made to write to Mistress a summary of my previous day. Additionally i am expected to be online for camera checks to ensure i am still locked. This is something She likes but knows i am loyal in my chastity and also knowing the serial number of the lock that was placed on is fool proof.   i would not want to suffer Her torment for breaking the lock early. Also, i am a loyal slave and have a need and desire to please Her.

On a daily basis i am constantly reminded of the situation i am in. i sit in a meeting room discussing events of my job and the thought of sitting there in chastity is always on my mind. i look across the table in a conference room and sneak peeks at Constance (who all the guys in the office comment about) and i look at her and know i am harmless. i have been to Happy Hour with colleagues, many of them Women and would just choke if ever asked to meet or "sneak away".  i would have to figure or scheme an excuse "not to play".

Some of the more routine daily activates are not so routine while in chastity. When i pee i have to sit, so whenever i go into the "men’s" room i go in hoping no one else is there as i have to use a stall, and not a urinal. When showering i am unable to touch myself yet i find myself over and over trying to squeeze my fingers down inside the CB. i remember one time more recently i bumped into an old female friend, former co-worker, and we had coffee together. There we sat, she very attractive, me in chastity. In most situations a normal male would be thinking about how to "create" something...i instead think about being in chastity, carrying a useless cock around....often wondering what other females would think if they knew of my fate. Oh so humbling this is....but, with that said i am so anxious to get back in front of Mistress, on my knees, and subject myself to Her further.

i, like all males, stare and gawk at Women like Constance, yet i know i am "locked out" so to speak by my Mistress. She not only denies me orgasm She also denies any possibility of "fooling around". i get to a point of absolutely craving orgasm, to the point it is on my mind 24 hours a day, every minute, ever waking hour. On top of this, i am aware, as Mistress almost always tell me, that my Mistress is being pleasured by her boyfriend’s weekly. She tells me how long they last inside her, how they bring Her off over and over and how much She enjoys it. As She tells me this i ask for relief but am made to wait till She feels i deserve the right to cum....once even telling me i might be allowed to cum if it ever grows beyond "child-size", and She laughs aloud.

As the nights go by it becomes increasingly difficult as i get erections throughout the night, often waking me as my cock presses against the cage of the CB. i am small endowed but still press against the inside of the CB. i fantasize of Mistress, seeing Her bare breasts, an image burned in my mind, over and over again. My balls are aching to cum, to release. Each passing day i am reminded of Mistress...reminded as i shower, reminded while standing in front of a mirror, even reminded when i pee (as i have to sit). Underneath my suit i am captured, locked and controlled and reminded of it with daydreams of Mistress. Again, i fantasize and visualize seeing Her almost naked in Her chair as i jerked before Her, gazed at Her breasts, and came. It is always so humbling afterward as my cock goes down...and She snickers. Now i am back to reality, locked in a CB to wonder about Her.

On the fourth day She calls me (knows my office number) and asks if i want to be released from the CB. i meekly answer yes, to which i hear laughter and she hangs up the phone with a final word...suffer slut! While in the CB, and during inspections or online chats She tells me of Her encounters with a boy friend, and also takes time to tell me again i am in the CB for a reason, that boy friends are used for Her pleasure, and that i am to serve other ways....She laughs and says "all men are NOT created equal" and laughs aloud. 

The nights pass, erections more frequent, balls aching, constant dreams of Mistress, including daydreams in office settings. Wanting to beg for release! Fourteen nights have passed, fourteen days, emails to Her, chat sessions, teasing me, asking me if i wanted out only to be denied. Fantasizing of Her, Her face etched in memory, breasts, high heels, garters, and thigh highs...only to know i am locked in chastity, owned by Her now and used by Her for her gain.

On the fourteenth day She calls my office and suggests i lock the door. She asks if i have something to cut the lock. Anxiously i answer "i do". Mistress instructs me to get my coffee cup, and cut the lock. Softly She tells me to remove the CB and gives me a choice....cum in the cup, or cum on the desktop...and She laughs. She listens to me as i empty inside the cup, my deep breaths abating, and She tells me "eat it, and don't expect to be out long". Tells me to buy Her a gift  for being so nice.  I must schedule a session as She wants a footrub....suddenly, faster than it started the phone goes "

In summary, chastity may sound easy or something one can handle. i will say being locked for a week is absolutely teasing, denying, and certainly testing ones male instinct. The eagerness to cum, the craving just to jerk-off, the day dreams of pussy become more and more frequent as time passes. Two weeks is incredibly difficult, almost to the point of offering to do ANYTHING just to cum, wanting to beg for release, and submit in ANY form Mistress desires.....unbelievable.  When this happens She has
ALL control, total ownership....and, certainly, the KEY.


slut chastity

July 1, 2008

Weekday Getaway


For those asking Me to travel to Syracuse or Buffalo for sessions I would like you to provide Me your availability.  I will use these dates to update My calendar with visits to the surrounding area.  I have already received one request for the Buffalo trip however have not locked in a date.  For those not familiar with My trips I play in one of the nicer hotels in the area.  I do modify my gift to reflect the added expense of the room and travel however still keep everything very reasonable.


Looking forward to your feedback ASAP


Mistress Sherry

June 8, 2008

Well, it is a new month and school is winding down.  Not too soon as I have been busy this month with a boyfriend and a bunch of submissives.  As I type this journal I have one of My 24/7 sluts upstairs working on cleaning the bathrooms, floors, dusting, cleaning the bedrooms, etc.  Must admit that it is nice relaxing in the nice cool house watching others work for Me—LOL. 

June 1, 2008

I normally enjoy humiliating My submissives and occasionally hurt their feelings for fun.  My journal entry last month is definitely a case where I hurt a submissives feelings in a unintentionally manor.  A large majority of My submissives have a very big heart.  All shower Me with friendship and those that can afford it occasional gifts.   I have had submissives show up to My door with flowers, wine, chocolate, etc.  Every year one special submissive brings Me a chocolate Easter bunny.  I also have enjoyed submissives taking Me out for a nice dinner followed by the mall where they will purchase some sexy articles of clothing for Me.  On special occasions such as My birthday or  Christmas I have received some expensive presents as well.  Every one of these submissives are special in their own way and you all deserve a dedication.  My most recent gift is a nice Victoria’s Secret bathing suit.  I had lot’s of use of this on My vacation and certainly will enjoy this with the upcoming “road trips” coming up for Syracuse and Buffalo.  Even have a trip schedule to Toronto to play at one of the large BDSM dungeons for a weekend.   

May 1, 2008

Every so often a submissive comes along with a desire to make My world special.  Most have been local however ever so often someone comes along from a distance that is humble and has a desire to shower Me with a special gift.  Many might wonder why?  Experience has proven too many times that submissives have a very big heart.  Why not bring a smile to My face.  Spoil Me with something that I desire or may typically not purchase for Myself. 

Slut joe is such a submissive.   This slut connected with Me from reading My journal on My website.  I am sure that he enjoyed My New Years resolution to have all submissive kiss My feet upon entering My presence.  Slut joe must have envied those submissives lucky enough to be at My feet as he decided to provide Me with expensive shoes for My submissives to kiss.  After emailing back and forth a few times reviewing the Neiman Marcus website W/we both liked a pair of black open toed shoes by Claudia Ciuti.



 This letter and entry into My journal is a dedication to you My slut!!!!!!!!!  Thank you for providing Me such a beautiful and wonderful gift!!!!!!!!

I am sure that these shoes will get lots of use.  One of My all time favorite ways to humiliate My slut’s is with foot adoration, foot worship and foot torture.  The foot is such a powerful tool and oh how I’d love to look down while a submissive kneels before Me kissing My feet.  If they are extra worthy I will allow them the opportunity to take off My shoes and provide Me a nice message.  It is obvious that men belong at My feet for eternity.  It is such a feeling of control feeling the firm pressure of your hand messaging My foot’s arch and toes, kissing My feet.  I enjoy looking down into your eyes and seeing if you are excited.  This is the perfect opportunity to talk.  Find out a little more about you as you provide Me this pleasure. 



 Thanks for the lovely shoes My slut joe.  Hope you enjoy the note….

March 26, 2008

I hope everyone had a nice Easter holiday.  It will be nice to get rid of March and go into April.  Hopefully W/we will experience some warmer weather soon.  So much for the saying “in like a lion out like a lamb”.  Mother nature doesn’t want us to forget winter in Western, NY too soon.

March 6, 2008  

I was in a very naughty mood this morning and emailed a few of My BF’s in hopes of an encounter for a much needed fuck today. Well, not only did I get an email back from one of them but he came over today and made Me a happy woman. Oh by the way, I called My husband and let him know that My BF, Julian, (MY Favorite BF) was coming over and that I would take a few photos.  I would send him the wish you were there shots afterward while he was at work.  He is My favorite BF for a few reasons. He is not a 7 or 8 incher but he can fuck for hours.  He is like a drill and it is unbelievably fantastic.  He also makes flow a stream, if you know what I mean. He has a great body and is a good kisser.  So needless to say orgasm is never a problem to achieve with this guy.  The only downfall is that I cannot walk to well afterwards. LOL   The wish you were there shots came out great and it was a pleasure to email then to My hubby.  he appreciates all the little things I do for him.  So did My 24/7 (john) that showed up just as we were getting dressed—LOL

March 3, 2008  

Today I had rewarded one of My 24/7’s (pete) with an enjoyable evening on the town and release from his chastity.  I instructed My slut husband to be home by 4 PM and provided him a list once he arrived.  Dinner, dishes, clean the floor, laundry, play games with the kids, give them a bath, put them to bed at 8:30, relax—LOL).  Shortly after, pete arrived for the evening that I planned.  I had pete take Me out to dinner at an informal restaurant called Pizzeria Uno.  There in the parking lot I had him remove his pants and handed him the snipers to cut the lock off of the chastity device.  It was fun watching him struggle and having him embarrassed doing this at such a public location.  During dinner I sent him into the rest room to relieve himself into a cup.    When the food arrived I made him open the chicken sandwich and pour the cum over the bread.  Obviously there was a lot of cum after the time in chastity :)  I had a very enjoyable time watching him eat the sandwich.  After dinner W/we went over to East View Mall to visit Victoria’s Secret.  There we played further and he purchased Me a nice sexy outfit for future play with submissives and BFs.

February 28, 2008  

I read a very informing autobiography of a Mistress yesterday, Mistress Jacqueline, and she is a sadomasochist like Myself.  I am not sure if you know what that term Sadomasochism means.  It means that when I am inflicting pain on a submissive My body creates a sexual response.  I get turned on by sessioning with My subs.  It is like no other feeling I have experienced.  It is a pleasurable feeling and a high that I really enjoy.  It is always nice to know that other Mistress’s share the same experience in their sessions.  I think it is important as well ,since I am taking pride in what I do to take pride in what I look like and wear.  I try to keep fit and look My best all the time.  It enables Me to take BF’s I would of never had a chance with when I was young.  Plus what younger guy wouldn’t enjoy a sexy older woman….

Well, we have 1 more month of winter than Spring!  Can’t wait….I already have a long list for My 24/7’s to do inside as well as outside My house.  Talk about Spring cleaning, yes there will be a lot of chores to do and hopefully a new wooden floor for My kitchen :).

February 14, 2008  

Well, Valentines day is finally here.  The house is nice and clean as I had one of My sexy 24/7s come over and vacuum , scrub the floors, bathrooms, bedroom, Etc.  Had her make dinner, do the laundry, and even make the bed with fresh sheets.  All along I enjoy teasing My 24/7 with what My cuckold would be enduring the next day.  It is so rewarding knowing that I can pick up My phone and have one of three men come over and clean at a moments notice.  Of course I would expect them to arrive dressed appropriately.  When I am in a particularly sadistic mood I will expect them to come with a nice warm loaf of warm bread, milk, etc from a local store.  Did I mention that the receipt must be stamped within 10 minutes of arrival?  Well, why not….I do expect them to go into the store dressed as the “maid” they are.  Compassion usually gets the best of Me and I do allow them a long coat (Evil grin).


 Well, now I am sitting here feeling nice and relieved as My slut is upstairs making the family a nice pork roast dinner with garlic mashed potatoes, cauliflower and salad.  Of course he will set the table with wine to toast the events of the day.  Yes, My boyfriend did arrive and W/we had a blast.

As planned My slut was forced to sit in the corner and take photos and a video while the bf and I had a blast.  Decided to make sure one photo would be appropriate for this site as I have heard some disbelief about My cuckold adventures.  Those that know My slut will know that he is much bigger then the stud in the photo—LOL.  After well over an hour of fun My bf finished inside Me.  I enjoyed forcing My slut to eat the nice fresh creampie before being allowed into Me for his fun.  Yes, it is true.  I do have and enjoy multiple bf’s.   Only a few however are “special” and tested enough to be allowed the pleasure of providing My cuckold a creampie (Evil grin).

February 13, 2008  

I am in a crazy mood today and I would love to share My humor with you slaves.  I rarely share this side of Myself but I felt today it was appropriate to do so.  This is a story I wrote about what Women have to endure in Our lives.

What We as Women have to endure


The first indoctrination as a Woman begins for most of us gals when we are in our teens.  What I am talking about is having sex for the first time.  Women are born with a Hyman, a mucus membrane covering the vagina.  The first time you have sex the hymen is broken and there is pain resulting from that.  For some, there is blood but most of us just pain.  This is my experience with having sex.  PAIN. I thought it was supposed to be fun. It’s like taking a knife and scoring the edge of a cap on a bottle of salad dressing.  How fucking fun is it to have pain like that! For the first time too.  Looking forward to the second time and thereafter. Yeah, right.   Not only did I not realize that pain was just the beginning but it doesn’t end there.

Next is the Gynecological exam.  This exam amazes me each and every time.  For those of us who have never had a child it is like a freak show.  The Doctor puts some lube on his glove and within seconds his entire fist is in your stomach.  He is touching internal organs you only imagined.  Then once you are able to catch your breath he pushes down on your lower abdomen likes he is try to get his fist through there.  Talk about feeling uncomfortable.  Oh did I tell you that while he is doing this he is making small talk with you.  What’s new with you?

What’s new, your entire fist is in my crotch and there is quite a lot of pressure building up. Can I breathe now, please take you hand out of my vagina.  This is such a fun experience.

My favorite, the mammogram……….I have heard all the stories of this and was very nervous my first time.  I was escorted to a room where there was a x-ray machine and was told put my breast onto the x-ray machine while a plastic piece sandwiched it in. They want you to hold the bar in front of you and sandwich your boob til it is flush with the bottom. Now you have to stand there and wait til the operator has taken the x-ray.  So not only are you in intense pain and you feel your boob is going to explode all over the machine you have to stand there looking pretty while she takes her fuckin time hitting the button.  Now you repeat on the other side.  No reprieve just pain again. If she doesn’t like the photo taken then it is repeated. It feels like a car door is slammed on my breast over and over again.  Then after the photos are taken they make you wait an hour or two.  Like that!!!!!!!!!!You are sitting out in the waiting area, mind I say cold area, not heated well so everyone boobs are freezing and are standing at attention.  Wonderful just what I want to see, nipples, nipples and more nipples thru that see thru gown that they have.  So you are waiting for the results and it’ s cold and you are thinking it is taking so long there must be a problem.  Then they take you in this small room (RESULT ROOM posted on the door) and tell you good or bad news.  Everyone looks at you as your name is called and watches the room to see how fast you get in and out of the room.  If its good news you go on your way if not repeat session again……Do you see where I am going here…All men have to deal with is a finger put up their ass. Pussy’s. Whew, how painful is that!   I would love a finger up my ass instead of the shit I have to endure.  I might even get aroused…..It sounds quite fun actually.           Just when you think women have it easy think again with all the fun and exciting things that happen to us…..We are really good at dishing out pain,though.  Real good.

Becoming a Mistress is the best part of being a woman. I get waited on, have chores done and My life is made much better.  I think to Myself I have to clean the house then think again No, I will have My sub do it. Why would I do work that is what subs are for……………..  I hope you have enjoyed My humor for the day………


Looking forward to Valentines Day this year.  Going to once again cuck My hubby with a boyfriend.  My hubby will of course have Red panties on and get My BF ready for Me.  Then he will sit in the corner and watch all the fun.  Then he gets a creampie for dessert. Who needs chocolate when you can get this!!!!  This is a wonderful reminder of how much I love him…..Just have to stay tuned to hear what happened.  Have a wonderful Valentines Day to My subs.

February 6, 2008  

Valentines Day is fast approaching and I wanted to give you My take on this holiday.  Women love to be showered with gifts, for example gold, candy, flowers, etc.  Sex comes with a price if you have  a loved one or a beau.  What I mean is not to forget this holiday as it is an important one.  It means you are thinking about your loved one, Mistress, or significant other. Otherwise there will be No sex.   My slut husband knows Me well and I am of course having sex.  I am sure he expects it is with him  but that is not the case.  I will be enjoying a boyfriend.  he will be watching though.  I think this is the perfect opportunity to cuckold him on this joyous occasion.  I will be wearing red to signify My love for him as well as it being a fantastic color on Me. LOL  I do wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day.  9 days to go….... I am requesting My subs to be extra special to their loved one that day.  The more romantic you are to the special person, the better the odds will be that you will be getting some.  So maybe a nice foot rub for Her.  It might takes you places you did not imagine.

Extra Note:  I mentioned before, I am playing with Chastity with 2 of My subs.  It is really a blast and gets Me excited just writing about it.  I want to put My husband in chastity but unfortunately he does not fit the CB6000. Can you imagine that?  I am researching at this moment for a plastic device, not a metal device, as metal can be cumbersome.  I will keep you updated on My progress.   

January 29, 2008  

Boy, did this month fly by.   Not a busy month for sub’s but I was busy with some 24/7’s and putting them in Chastity.  That was fun. I had them write Me daily for 7 days detailing their experiences.   Nights were usually bad for sleeping in the CB6000 but they made it through well.  By holding the keys to a sub’s chastity device you now have the power to ensure he remains loyal and respectful to you always.   Women throughout history have long shown that most men are driven by their penises.  Because of this fact, men can be very charming, caring, and considerate to a woman in order to gain her assistance in achieving an orgasm. Once the orgasm has occurred, however, men tend to put those wonderful qualities on the backburner until the urge for sexual relief comes back. What’s more, if you refuse to assist him in achieving that relief, he’ll resort to masturbating and take care of the problem on his own.  I see this way too often.  Do you see the power of those keys  right now? As long as you hold them, your submissive’s days of masturbating are over. Yes, o ver.  Furthermore, you now have the power to limit his orgasms, provide them sparingly, only when he has earned the privilege by pleasing you. You’ve become the sole proprietor of his manhood and have paved the way to making him the man you’ve always wanted. :)

January 11, 2008  

Well, My New Years experience is over and everything is back to normal.  I called My ex-boyfriend and W/we had a long talk.  It was important that he understood that all I could ever provide him is physical enjoyment.  Although I do enjoy tremendously having control over My submissives and cuckold, I also have a very compassionate side.   I would like to assure a  few of My long term submissives that cared enough to be concerned with the journey on New Years that My husband and ex-boyfriend are fine.   My relationship at home is stronger then ever and very loving.   I have heard many times how lucky My slut is to have Me.  Truth is that this goes both ways.  he has found his ultimate Domme and I have found My soul mate.  Many times after I have been with My boyfriends I hold  My slut and make sure he understands how special and caring he is to let Me have the ultimate freedom.  Rest assured everyone, there are many ways for Me to ease My sluts mind and we discuss everything.  

January 1, 2008  

After My slut husband’s birthday present in November I was not sure what I could do to top that experience.  Fate made that decision easy New Years Eve.  That night I dressed extra sexy with a very revealing shirt, short skirt, garters and heels and took My slut out to dance.  W/we went out to the Holiday Inn and had a blast.  Although not deliberately planned, My slut ended up watching from a lounge chair as I flirted and danced with many different men.  Not sure exactly what time however a hour or so before midnight My high school boyfriend showed up and I knew I would be in for an interesting night.  I have wanted to fuck him again for years however have not as I knew he loved Me and wanted more then sex.  Well, dancing, holding, French kissing and watching joe squirm made My decision that night easy.  If he asked, I was his.  After Midnight, he did ask and I agreed with the terms that joe would be kept on the floor by the side of the bed.  I am sure he was confused however reluctantly agreed.  We drove back to his house together having joe following behind in My vehicle.  We ended up staying there over three hours where I had a very intimate experience and enjoyed very, very good sex.  I have to confess that his would be My closest experience to a “lover”.  “Lover” meaning that there are emotions along with the sex.  That night My ex-boyfriend repeatedly told Me how much he loved Me, missed Me, and wanted Me back while My cuckold was on the floor listening.  Part of Me felt guilty however both My cuckold and My ex-boyfriend new up front what I was after.  Leaving that night My ex-boyfriend kissed Me and mentioned again he loved Me and he had a great time.  I looked at My cuckold and made him say “Thank you for fucking and loving my wife” —LOL  As we left I told My Ex that I would email him later this week. 

My Journal (2007)