Welcome to My world of BDSM.

Welcome to My world of BDSM.  Many submissives from the newbies to the most experienced submissive have questions.  Many are very similar and to avoid responding to the same questions over and over again in email, I have decided to add this list of most frequently asked questions and My replies to them.

If after thoroughly checking My site you have other questions that you would like answered you may email them to Me under the Contact section of My website.

How long have you been a Domme?

I guess in hind site, My desire to be in control started at a very long age of sixteen.  It was at that age that I became the head cheerleader for My high school and enjoyed the attention of the different boys doing "manly things" to impress Me or doing My chores, serving Me drinks or treats at the different parties.  My boyfriends either did as I asked or were dismissed for another - LOL.  This continued right through college.  After graduating college, I met My present slut husband which was very much into the fantasy of the BDSM scene.  He had many magazines and stories about BDSM.  As O/our play got deeper and deeper, it became a full part of My life and My slut became literally My 24/7.  I went professional in 2004.

Are You a true "life-style" Femdom or is dominance something you like to leave in Your dungeon?

This is a very good question as many professional Mistress's do leave the dominance in the dungeon and have a normal, vanilla family life outside of the dungeon.  Although I respect their beliefs this is not what I am about.  Although I must say I am very discreet about My activities, My nature is very dominant and this does not stay in the dungeon.  My slut husband is My submissive and I would never allow a significant other to be My equal.  Although I may not be as stern with him in everyday life as I am in the dungeon, I do have final say in all that occurs in O/our lives.  On the occasion he does act up in public, an evil look from My eye will notify him that he has crossed the line and will be severely punished and locked in one of My two cages for as long as I feel appropriate.

Is Your husband Your only 24/7 submissive?

No.  Although due to family limitations he is the only submissive that lives in My household, I do have three other 24/7's in My stable.  Maybe not 24/7's by the "absolute" definition of the term however I have collared two submissives and the third will be collared this month.  I like to think of them as 24/7 as they are at My disposal to use when/how I see fit. 

What do you mean "collared" submissives?

Collared means that they belong to Me to do My bidding and serve Me only.  I use them to clean the house, mow the lawn, wash/wax car, and general chores.  Items to make My life better.  Special attention is provided to submissives that want to be collared with trades such as construction, mechanic, etc.  In return for their service I understand the parts of the BDSM scenes they enjoy and I provide some play during their time serving Me. 

How are the collared (24/7) submissives different from your 24/7 husband?

Very easy answer - Love - LOL.  I am very much in love with My slut and respect him completely.  It shows a very special gift to allow himself to be completely controlled in O/our relationship.  W/we have a relationship that works perfectly for the both of U/us.  W/we both enjoy the Femdom relationship and My slut considers himself very lucky to have Me.   

Can I find out more about You - Birthday, size, pictures (why mask)?

I am a petite 5'3" in bare feet.  I enjoy wearing 3-4" heels to add extra height to My appearance however am not afraid to grab your hair and pull you down onto the ground so you can look up to My beautiful eyes - LOL.  My birthday is September 13th.

Pictures are of Myself and My submissives that enjoy having a secret photo on the web site :)  .  As My family and neighbors are not aware of My activities I have used a eye mask over My face.  Those that have met Me or have seen the actual photos will vouch that I have a very nice face and body.  Many have said that I am absolutely gorgeous and I always enjoy hearing that - LOL.  Have to confess that it does them no good as I continue inflicting the pain - Aren't I a little devil - LOL

For those that enjoy buying me clothing as gifts, I take a size small-medium  in most fetish clothes. I wear a size 7.5 shoe / boot. Your best bet is to err on the side of too big rather than too tight.

Where do I play?

I live on a cul-de-sac in a nice middle/upper class development of homes.  From the outside of the house you will see nice landscaping, flowers, trees, and just your ordinary suburban household.  Walking into the house from the garage door you come into an entrance way transpiring into the large kitchen and finally sitting comfortably in the family room.  Looking around you will see a friendly setting with nice furniture, and a  warm fireplace.  Hopefully you feel right at home.  Off the back of the house you see a nice big deck leading into a large screen house.  Going into the basement you will see a den and theater room then converted into the back a large 300 square foot nicely equipped dungeon.  This is complete with brick siding, carpeting, appropriate lighting, sound system, etc.  I do not skimp with My play area.  Including the $850 of new equipment I just purchased this month I have over $10K invested into My dungeon and toys.  Play time will mostly be in the dungeon however I have also enjoyed playing on the deck and screen house for those a little more daring.   

What do you enjoy most in a session?

Many of My favorites are listed on the site under "Type of Sessions".  I do have other favorites not on the list and if you have a certain activity not on the list I expect you to ask.  Seeing submissives professionally is about U/us both going into an atmosphere where W/we can both enjoy O/ourselves.  A common mix of activities that W/we will both enjoy. 

Is there any sex permitted in a session?

LOL - some submissives actually ask this and assume that BDSM might be similar to some escort or massage services they have had in the past.  NO there is NO sex permitted in My sessions. This would be illegal and quite frankly I get more then enough from My boyfriends and slut husband (Evil grin).  I do not go nude, nor do I let a sub touch me in any sexual way.  OK, actually I have heard dildo training or sucking on My feet is a grey area, however if this does occur, it would only be with  very selected special individuals who have earned the right.

Are you active in the local BDSM community and "out of the closet"?

The answer is absolutely maybe - LOL.  Yes, I do play at the local clubs and events.   Just like many people in this scene, many know Me for the Femdom I truly am and others family, (co-workers) and "closed mind" friends have no idea of My true lifestyle. 

What do you like to do when you are not torturing people?

Torturing My husband (Evil Grin).  Actually I have a very active life with My family and work a few days each week.  I also enjoy going to the soccer games, watching football, Renaissance Fair, Craft shows (Always find something to torture the slaves with), camping, trips, boyfriends, watching Sci-Fi, Survivor, Amazing Race. 

Why did you go professional and expect a tribute? 

Plain and simple, to allow Me the freedom to enjoy the BDSM fun.  Way too many people work a job that they do not fully enjoy.  Asked if they could afford to retire they would leave their present job in a heart beat.  I am fortunate enough to do something that I hope I will enjoy the rest of My life.  Sure, tributes are necessary to pay My bills as well as cover the cost of the equipment, but does tributes allow Me the freedom to expand the Mistress I am.  .  BDSM furniture, sounds, EROSTEK, Violet Wand, Paddles, whips, cuffs.....All these add up for $$$$$.  Don't get Me wrong, I do not expect a tribute from everyone.  I have three 24/7's, a submissive female, and two couples I play with for the pure enjoyment.  Unfortunately, many submissives have to be discrete.  They do not have the ability to serve Me on a 24/7 basis.  To be a phone call away.  To be used pure and simple to make My life easy.  For those that cannot play as a couple or My 24/7 the tribute makes 100% sense.  I think you will find that My gift is very reasonable and about half what other's are asking.

What should I expect for My first session? 

My first session is made for newbies as well as the experienced submissive.  When W/we first meet I will allow 10 - 15 minutes to chat.  Allow you to ask questions, get to know Me, find out medical and general information about yourself.  Once W/we go down to the dungeon then I use My main session with a ride range of topics and items.  Bondage, humiliation, discipline, ....Sure, it is catered to your likes and limits from the questionnaire however by the time W/we are complete I will have a good understanding of your desire for humiliation and discipline.  I will ask for feedback or pain levels or humiliation levels from 0 - 10.  Bottom line is that you should plan to have a great time, in a safe environment where W/we will become more aware of O/our desires moving forward. 

Do I wear the mask during session? 

No - LOL.  Why I am do play within the local community, My family, friends, and co-workers do not know about this lifestyle.  Although I do have an attractive face, I only send out the full unmasked photo to those that are in the process of applying for submission. 

Who are the people in the photos?  Do you use all photos for the web?

The photos are of My slut husband, My 24/7s and other consenting submissives that enjoy the humiliation of being posted on My site.  I take the discretion of My submissives very seriously.  Most of the photos taking during My sessions (if requested for something to remember the session by - LOL ) are only shared between Myself and the submissive in the photo.  These photos do not have a mask.