Contact Information



You are instructed to contact Me through My e-mail below.  I also am on CollarMe  which My handle is  MistressSherry88, and on  ALT which My handle is  Footmistress88,  if you wish to reach Me there.  Once W/we establish a bond you will be provided My cell number.  My submissives are very important to Me and for that reason, I attempt to check and answer emails daily.  At times I may get very busy with sessions, family, or 24/7's and I may not respond as prompt as I like.  Please be patient!  If you have not received a response after three days, please try again as something most likely went wrong.  My general availability for sessions is posted on this site.  I do NOT update the schedule when I have session commitments for confidentiality.

 Please remember your manners in any type of correspondence you have with Me. Rude, obscene, or sexually explicit e-mails or telephone calls will not be tolerated and answered.  I will have no choice but to delete and block an e-mail message if this is not respectful.  PLEASE TAKE THIS INTO CONSIDERATION. 

Once a new submissive contacts Me they first receive a letter explaining more about Me.  Once I get feedback from the letter I send out My terms for a session and then a questionnaire detailing what the sub's interest are.   I take those interests and create a session ranging from 90 minutes on up

To ensure that you can schedule your desired appointment, please email Me  and book in advance. Once you’ve made your appointment you will be required to confirm your booking 24 hours before the scheduled time. If you do not confirm by the given time, I will attempt to contact you then will automatically consider your appointment cancelled if I do not hear back.  If you cannot make your appointment, please call Me and let Me know as soon as possible.  In most cases I am very flexible and will allow you to book another time unless a repeat offender.  Please understand that canceled appointments affect My life as well as other submissives that may have requested the same time.  Thus far, this has not been an issue.  Those few that have wasted My time were forwarded to the other local Mistress's for a "black list".  I am occasionally able to accommodate short notice appointments if requested. 

Note:  No pay phones, fax machine, calling cards, or pager numbers are accepted.