Meet Mistress Sherry


        Welcome...I am glad you are here.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced submissive, there are things that you should know about Me.

I have enjoyed a very dominant personality my entire life.  Going back to My teenage years I was never content unless I was in control.  This included establishing control of my relationships, becoming the captain of the cheerleading team or using My sensuality to achieve what I wanted.

My exposure in the BDSM scene became an intricate part of My life about seven years back.  After understanding more of My dominant personality I was no longer content being in control of My marriage.  After realizing the thoughts that a Femdom relationship could be reality, I became aroused sexually, and I journeyed down that path.

Three years later.....

As My dominance of My husband broadened to include the local scene I realized how much I was missing isolating Myself to one submissive.  After three interesting years in a true Femdom marriage I decided to meet other submissives.  It was at this time that I really discovered My sadistic side and the fun I could have humiliating My submissive sluts.  With the abundance of submissives and My desire to create a realistic dungeon atmosphere with all of the toys, I decided to become a Pro-Domme.  Four years later My dungeon has grown, I have a few 24/7's, I have a nice stable of submissives and am having the time of My life - LOL

Today.....I am a very powerful woman...

BDSM is much more than just kinky sex.  It is not simply about "power exchange" or the act of whipping or otherwise tormenting a sub.  For Me, My professional BDSM sessions are about erotic energy exchange and sharing My service to another human being. When I top someone, especially someone new, I strive to find out what makes that person tick.  This will be accomplished during emails and a questionnaire I will request My submissives to complete.  I then tailor a scene to meet both of O/our needs and desires.  After all, W/we both must find this erotic and stimulating for this to work!!!!!!!

I love to feel a sense of shared joy when someone's dreams or fantasies are made real. It is amazing and wonderful for Me to watch someone's eyes light up as we try an activity that they may have feared would be horrible, but instead they find is surprisingly delightful and pleasant. Taking someone further than they ever imagined but doing it safely & with a sense of trust & security is an ultimate joy for Me.

I have the ability to take people on journeys into places they have not been, and make them feel things they have never felt. But all those things - the places, the feelings - already exist within the person. I have the ability to see the potential, to direct the journey, to shape its path - but I do not create something in people that was never there before. Each one of you have something special inside you - I can unlock that and bring it out.

I value the men and women who give Me their submission. It is a gift of trust - and I do not abuse it. The things I do in My sessions may be physically or psychologically intense. But I respect each individual's stated limits, and no matter what, I do not cause permanent damage to anyone. I am sadistic, and I can be extreme - but I am also a caring and ethical person. Besides...the Mistress must take care of her toys - so she can play with them over and over and over again...